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BOYCR Success Stories

Do you have a "Because of You" success story? Updates, new pictures, etc...then email them to the rescue, and we will get your story added here!

Gabriel Luke - February 2007

Written by Gabe's mom, a BOYCR board member.

Gabe came into the world on February 4th, 2007. His birth was somewhat unusual. His mother was owned by a lady that breed Chihuahuas for money. I don’t know this lady but I have no kind feelings for her what so ever! She brought the mommy dog to an emergency clinic because she was trying to give birth. One of the puppies was coming out of her but, was too big to be born in a natural way. 

The doctor at the emergency clinic recognized immediately that the mommy was going to need a C-Section if he was going to be able to save her and her two little boys. When he informed the owner, she told him that she could not afford the operation. The Doctor gave her a number to call to see if she could get a loan for a pet emergency. She qualified for the loan but, told the Dr. just to “put them all to sleep”. She just didn’t want to be bothered. The kind Doctor had a heart for animals and could do no such thing. He had the owner surrender the dog to him. She willingly did so and went on her way as if nothing had happened. The Doctor then delivered the boys knowing he would receive no money for this service. Mommy and babies were healthy and happy to be alive.

Barb knew this Doctor and had been informed of the situation. In a selfless effort to help, she told everyone she came in contact with about the puppies and their momma. They all needed forever homes and Barb made it her mission to help. She had been to see the dogs and was doing everything she could to help find them good homes.

For some reason, after hearing Barb talk about the puppies I felt like I HAD to have one. I even considered taking both boys if they were both still available when I went to the clinic. The mommy dog got adopted right away. (That is unusual since the mom’s are usually the last to find homes.) I already had 3 dogs of my own but, could not get these puppies out of my mind.

I finally decided that I was going to take one or both of these babies into my home. By the time I got to the clinic, one of the puppies had been adopted by one of the nurses at the clinic. I had them go get Gabe and bring him to me. I was in love instantly. He is the cutest dog and has the most fun personality of any dog I have ever had. He is so full of life. I can’t imagine not having him in my world. If not for Barb, and her desire to save these dogs and to make sure they all got loving homes, I would never have known about Gabe.

Barb’s love and devotion to this cause is stronger than any passion I have ever seen. Not long after that event Barb took Valiente and Pedro into her heart and home. That experience touched her heart so much that she started “Because of You Chihuahua Rescue”. She truly loves all the dogs that come into the rescue and works very hard to give them a good life until she finds them a forever home. I am truly blessed to know Barb and feel it an honor to call her my friend. She has dedicated her life to saving these innocent creatures from lives that are sometimes so horrible you wouldn’t even be able to imagine.

I beg anyone thinking of paying a breeder for a dog, to look into rescue. Somehow these little souls know they have been saved. They love with an intensity you will not find in any other living being. They need our help! Many come to the rescue abused and starved. They don’t even know the basics of life, let alone how to run and play and be loved. Please take the time to check out rescue. You too can experience the joy of owning one of these loving creatures. I know you will be glad you did.

Josiphene - April 2008

Angel, now Josi, is living the good life with Tom and Alice. Josi couldn't have asked for a better family to love her. Because of You gives many thanks to Tom and Alice for their generous donations for the Chihuahuas!

(Right) Josephine and Alice. (Left) Tom and Josephine...she is so daddy's girl, at the coffee shop.

Hi Barb:

Just wanted to say thank you from me for allowing us to adopt Josiphene. She has become very devoted to me

and sleeps and naps with me often.

Alice is very happy that I have a little friend to constantly annoy and demand attention from me . And I am not regretting it at all.

Once again, thank you.

Thomas Lockard

Diego & Hope - May 2008

The Lehew's are our newest "foster flunkies"...after applying to adopt our rescue, Diego, they decided to foster Hope as well. Hope was a little special needs girl and we knew the Lehew's had the time and know how to help Hope along her road to rehabilitation. See what they have to say about their newest family members...

Hi Barbara

I am sending you a picture of the babies. They are doing great! My husband has kind of taken over Hope. She goes with him when he visits the neighbors, goes to bed when he does, etc. Diego is doing great. He has started running around the house, jumping on the couch and bed. If I cant find him I just have to go to the bedroom. He likes to get under the covers :) He actually will growl at the cocker, Murdock, if Murdock gets too close to his food. It's really funny. They play alot and are a great addition to our family. We love them very much.

Tillie - September 2008

Michael and Kendra Keelin couldn’t be happier with their new family member. They opened their hearts and home to a little ten-year-old girl named Tillie. Now affectionately referred to as Til Til. Age didn’t matter to the Keelin's...Tillie stole their hearts!

I am sending you the newest pic of Til in her scarf and leg warmers! She is such a sweetie and has recovered fully from her hernia surgery. She is as bossy as ever, and we love her so much!! Thank you for trusting her to us!

Michael & Kendra

Zoey - November 2008

Dear Barbara & Rescue Friends:

Sending you some photos of little Zoey, the teddy bear girl I adopted in November, 2008. Having just run into Petsmart to pick up cat food for my two Ragdoll cats, adopting a dog was the last thing on my mind. And a Chihuahua...? I didn't even think I liked Chihuahuas! Besides, I hadn't had a dog since I was a child, being a cat person myself. I work also.

Well, that all changed as I pondered this little eleven year old dog, surrendered to a shelter when her elderly owner had to go into a nursing home. She was confused, a bit timid and cute as a bug. She needed a home without children and mine are grown. Every obstacle was overruled....I work....she's trained to a pee pad. I have cats....She was in a foster home with cats (and dogs) and did fine. For some reason, I had to take her home with me. I was assured that if it did not work out, I could call Because of You and they would find her another home. So, I gathered her up, bought supplies and headed home.

Well, I just want you to know how well this older dog has adjusted to the household. She is the sweetest little thing and bonded quickly to me. She gets along with the two cats, although she dislikes Ziggy and keeps him at a distance. He loves to play and she won't have any of it. But she'll sleep by Nigel, the other one. She will use the pee pad if she needs to, but usually is fine til I get home. I've learned to live with a "baby gate" that goes up when I'm gone that keeps her in the large tiled or wood floored rooms. (Carpet is a lot like grass to her, so she can get confused if not monitored.) She fiercely guards the house and lets anyone who comes to the door know it. But she settles down once guests are in the house.

Enjoy the pictures. Know that she's happy and well cared for. Best wished in your work.

Maribeth Govin

(and Zoey, Nigel and Ziggy)



Thank you soooooo much for Weezy. We love her so and enjoy every minute with her. You make a big difference in our sometimes sad world. A difference of love to share.



Hi Barb,

Belated thanks for the little pink harness and tag for Holly. It's great, I didn't know they made them. I liked it so much I bought a red one for Taco this weekend when I was in Wichita (Holly picked out some new winter clothes, too). Also enjoyed the newsletter.

Everything is fine here - one of these days we'll get a family picture to you.


Viva (Blue)

Hi Barbara...

Just a quick line to let you know Viva is doing great, though still a bit skiddish around strangers and loud noises. She sleeps with me (and 5 other Chi) curled up under my rear end, she eats well and plays hard...she's turned out to be a very good girl and we enjoy/love her to bits. Here is a recent picture of Viva and her ever present pal Mabel.

Tina Brown


Thanks for letting Gabby be our “Gabby Girl”. She is so special, a very sweet natured dog. She does everything a good dog should. Uses the potty pad, sleeps in her own bed, eats her food, runs and down the stairs playing and having fun.

She likes to be kissed on the side of her face and loves “Honcho” to clean her eyes.

Both male Chihuahua like her. So we have three running and playing. All three sit in their own spot in my chair. Gabby snuggles up against my left leg and puts her tiny head over on me. She is a perfect fit there.

Thanks for being there Barbara for Gabby and other dogs like her.


Peggy Paine


Attended the garage sale a few weeks ago and brought Pepito with us where he got to meet with his foster mom again! He also got $10 worth of clothing to keep him warm in the winter. :) Just wanted to send an email to let the rescue know that he is doing great! He loves to snuggle with everyone, I even catch my dad holding him while he watches TV. He also loves playing with his new toys and still has that inner puppy! So glad we found him!

Allison + The Griffiths family


Hi Barbara,

Murphy is doing great! He is a very funny little dog and has so much personality! We love him! He has made himself right at home here and I think he is pretty happy. He has put on some weight, and his fur is growing on his chest where it had been bald. He had a small lump on his hip when we brought him home, but we elected not to bring him to your vet since the lump started going away shortly thereafter. He still has a small bald patch where the lump was, but I expect that to fill in eventually. I think he probably had a little reaction to one of the vaccinations he received – in any case, he seems fine now.

As you may know from our application he now has a brother

(Petey) and a sister (Penny), plus two kitty sisters (Tinky & Betsy). He LOVES to chase the cats! They don’t appreciate his attention, but they tolerate him. He thinks that someday they will play with him, but we’ll see about that!

Murphy enjoys hanging around with Petey and they get along well. They like to patrol the fence in our back yard together and stir up the neighbor dogs. They also take turns chasing the birds away from the birdfeeder (great fun!). Penny, however, considers herself to be the alpha dog so she and Murphy occasionally get into small scuffles. This led to one of the two problems we have encountered so far – Penny’s back was hurt shortly after Murphy arrived. I’m sure it happened when they were tussling over toys, etc. We didn’t see exactly what happened, but Penny had to make a trip to the emergency vet and do two weeks of crate rest plus medications. She seems to have recovered okay, and still has the upper hand over the boys. Since she is the smallest we now keep her separate from Murphy, behind a 

baby gate, while we are at work. That way there are no unsupervised tussles! Otherwise they get along fine and both enjoy being little busybodies around the house, monitoring everything that goes on. Murphy especially loves to follow me around the house as I do laundry, etc. – he never lets me get out of his sight for very long.

The other problem was that although Murphy is housebroken, he wet on the carpet in the middle of the night a number of times. For some reason he didn’t want to use the piddle pad I always leave out at night in our bathroom. (Maybe he was used to a doggy door?) We tried several approaches to discourage this behavior, but had no luck. So we had the carpet replaced with wood laminate flooring, and so far that has fixed the problem. I think he has even used the piddle pad once or twice since we got the new floor, so I have my fingers crossed that this will be the permanent solution! Plus the new floor looks nice and is easy to clean. My husband says I should thank Murphy for the new floor. :-)

Today was bath day for the dogs, and Murphy does just fine.

I wash them at home in the sink, then give them a quick blow dry on the back porch. One thing we can’t figure out is that Murphy absolutely hates having his nails clipped. He acts terrified, and squeals when I try to cut them. So believe it or not I have been filing his nails with a ladies’ nail file while we watch tv in the evenings. Ha! He still doesn’t like it, but at least it doesn’t make him cry. I am sure people would think we are crazy if they could see us during "manicure/pedicure time."

Murphy is such a perfect little lap dog. He loves to warm my lap in the mornings when I have my coffee, whereas the other two dogs just continue snoozing under the covers. He has such a happy disposition, and is always ready to play. We recently discovered that he loves to be chased around the back yard! He runs around at top speed and is really funny to watch. He initiates the game by running over to me and slapping the ground with his front paws. Petey sometimes joins in the chase, but lets Murphy do most of the running.

Overall I’d say that Murphy has settled in well, and we have all adjusted to one another. We look forward to many happy days together in the future, and we are so glad that he joined our family. He certainly has livened up our home!

I hope your other dogs are doing as well in their new homes.

Also, thanks for sending the Blue Buffalo food home with him – we have now switched to that brand and all three dogs are quite happy with it.

Best wishes and thanks for the work that you do,

Kristina Southwell

Hope & Diego

Hi Barbara

I am sending you a couple of pictures if the “kids” and wanted to let you know how they were doing.

Diego is doing great. He has put on weight and we certainly don’t see his ribs or spine anymore. As you can tell from the picture he is not a big fan of cameras but normally that tiny tail is held high and wagging. I am still the only person he seems comfortable being held by but he has bonded with our cocker spaniel wonderfully. They enjoy sitting on back of the sofa watching everything that is going on outside, but when it comes to the serious stuff, like food, Diego rules the roost. When it is time for bed he will run and jump right in the middle of the bed, dive under the sheet and cuddle up next to me. It’s a good thing we have a king size bed! He loves to curl up on the couch with me while I watch TV and is always covering me with kisses.

Hope, our sweet little crippled girl, is doing great. Someone… (Barbara) got her to where she liked ice cream and I can’t help but smile when I hear her collar jingling as she is running across the living room headed to the kitchen when she thinks I’m trying to have some without her. I still think she must look at the other dogs and wonder why they walk so “funny”. She loves to go for rides in the car and if I can’t take her then her adopted “grandma” comes to get her to take her for a drive. Her grandma is the lady that lives next door. She came with me the day I picked the dogs up from you and fell in love with them instantly. The last thing I do at night is pick her up and take her to bed. Like her brother she sleeps right next to me. You can tell from Hope’s picture that she is getting a bit of gray hair but I guess we all do that as we get older.

I can’t begin to tell you how much joy these two precious dogs have added to our home. What I can tell you is that for as long as they live, or at least as long as I live, they will know nothing but love. Thank you again for everything you do. You are certainly one of God’s angels here on earth.


Cathy Lehew


Hi Barbara,

Sadie is doing great with us. She is definitely a Daddy's girl. Her favorite place to sleep is on Phil's chest while he sleeps in his favorite brown chair. Lol. She has been tailgating at her first OU football game and even has an OU jersey to wear. We call her Sadie Bradford. Lol. Her favorite game is to chase squirrels in the back yard. She would be on squirrel patrol 24/7 if we'd let her stay outside.




You are a Saint for Dogs!!! We have fallen more deeply in love with our Buddy.

He's such a little character! He has taken over our house. He and our 2 Bichons have bonded and he follows their lead on what to do.

It has taken him some time to adjust and feel completely at home. At first, everytime we got in the car he would start a low whine... He thought we were giving him away again. He finally knows that he is in his forever home.

We are so thankful to you, Barbara, Because of You Rescue, and Shawna Bostick, who so lovingly became his foster mom. Shawna did a great job in preparing him for a home.

Many Thanks and Blessings,

Lainey & Randy Robinson



She is doing very well, and such a loving young lady. She had got to where she was hopping on three legs (especially when moving fast) more than I thought she should. So we had here knee worked on over Christmas. She has healed well and is walking more on all fours. Trying to keep her weight in check, but she does like to eat. But she is no heavier than when we got her. I brought her to Pet’s Mart with me one Sat. in hopes of seeing you there, but we came much earlier than when you were arriving. I will try to catch you one Sat soon. I love the newsletters and there isn’t a month that goes by that I don’t read about one that I think is cute enough to join our family, but I need to wait until our old little guy goes to heaven. He will be seventeen in April.

Thanks for checking up on us and for the work you do for these little guys and gals.

Debbie J. Smith


Hi Barb! Jazzy is currently still in my bed, that little dog loves her nap time. :) We just went to the vet last week to get her teeth cleaned, so that is done for the year. She is doing really well. The vet said she was in excellent health, so that is always good to hear. We have just been doing our regular thing lately. Hanging out, playing chase (she loves me to chase her), and running errands together. She LOVES car rides. She has become an expert at getting right into her doggie car seat and staying PUT the whole time (which we had to work on a little bit). We celebrated our one year anniversary of when Jazzy came to live with me this month too! I got her some special treats for that. I'm planning on going on vacation for a weekend in February and Jazzy will be going with me. She went to San Francisco with me last summer and we are planning on returning there. I will attach some pictures of Jazzy on her great San Francisco vacation from last summer with my boyfriend and I and some other more recent cute ones. Jazzy is my little angel dog and I am so grateful for the work that the rescue does because it brought us together.

I have collected a bag of beanie babies to be made into toys for the dogs and Jazzy and I will bring them the next time the dogs are at the Edmond Petsmart.

-Lacy (and Jazzy)


Hi Barb,

Paisley and I are doing just great. It’s hard to believe that in just a few more weeks she will be 1 1/2 years old! We just got back from a trip to see my parents. Paisley was exhausted after the trip because it was about 2 1/2 weeks full of playing with her cousins, Koda and Kash (my brother and his girl friend’s two mini pinschers) and my parents’ yorkie Rocky. She also got her very own pink snuggie for Christmas that she loves wearing on a cold day. Paisley has almost mastered her latest trick where she sits, stands up on her hind legs, then does a little spin. She has a TON of energy and loves going outside for walks, but is also the greatest cuddle buddy in the world. We did find out though about a year ago that her breed is very prone to allergies. Poor thing is allergic to cats (much to her dismay because she LOVES playing with my parents cat Pia), metal, and quite a few other things. She has her special allergy shampoo we use weekly and is on a special all organic diet which definitely keeps her from itching.

I hope all is well at Because of You and thanks again for letting me adopt such a wonderful puppy!

Jordyn Eckert

Little Joe

Hello Barbara,

Little Joe is great. My husband and I receive so much love and enjoyment from this little guy. No regrets at all for adopting him. He gets along great with his sister Maggie. She is a medium size dog (sheperd mix.) They play, chase each other in circles around the table. Joe Joe nips at the back of Maggies ears and Maggie loves it. It is so much fun to watch them play. I have recently started letting Joe sleep with us at night. He has does real well to go outside the doggie door, or go on his potty patch and papers. So I have pretty much quit crating him at night. He likes sleeping under the covers. My step daughter that lives in Okla City told me she saw you and the dogs in the car a few days ago. God Bless you for what you do

Thanks for the news letters. I will try to send a donation in a few days, I know every little bit helps. Thanks for inquiring about him, I love him dearly.

Pat and Jeff Horn


Hi Barb!

Thank you for emailing. I have been meaning to email you to give you an update on Mechi. I have to thank you first for bringing her into our lives. She has been such a blessing. She was definitely meant to be with us. Penny absolutely loves Mechi and Mechi absolutely loves Penny. Because of Mechi, Penny has come out of her shell so much. They are pretty much inseparable and are perfect companions for each other. Mechi's knee has healed wonderfully, but she still favors it a little. She loves walks, going on car rides, playing with Penny, and snuggling with Mommy and Daddy. That is pretty much the life for her!

About two months after adopting Mechi, we took in another dog. He was not being cared for the way he should by one of Kyle's family members, so we took him in so he could have a better home. He is a schnauzer/poodle mix. His name is Winston and we think he is about the same age as the girls. The girls did not really care for him at first, but they have all adapted to each over the past year. But needless to say they are all spoiled rotten and extremely loved!

I'll email some pictures when I'm on my personal computer later today.



Hi Barbara. Trixie is doing great. She is the sweetest loving pet. Trixie is so much part of our lives. I have a "nick name" for her, sugar boogers. She loves it. Our family has two other dogs as well, a yorkie and we recently adopted a westie (we think). Trixie loves to mother the two of them. She loves to sleep and eat and play after she has had a good nap or when she gets excited to see us when we get home. She has gotten a little fat this winter because she doesnt really like to go outside. Its to cold. Lol. Trixie loves to get up in bed with me after going outside in the mornings and after eating her breakfast. She rolls over and lays on her back with her legs up in the air, and she loves it under the covers. Sometimes she likes to put her head on the pillow as she lays on her back. We love her! All of our friends say she is the sweetest dog they have ever seen and spoiled rotten. You should see how she mothers the other 2 dogs. It is so sweet. They all sleep together in their house with blankets and a cushioned pillow. Flat Rotten. I will try to send some pictures as soon as I can. Thanks for asking about her and please let Kim know how Trixie is doing for me. Thanks. Shannon PS Trixie still does her trick of setting up on her back legs. She loves to do that so that we will pick her up and hold her. She will do that trick with anyone that comes over to the house to get the most attention. Even in large crowds, she will get out in the middle of the room where everyone is watching and do her trick. She also carries a squeaky toy to the middle of the room and squeaks her toy so everyone will be interupted and put their eyes on her. It is awesome and so cute. We love her.



I just wanted to send you an update and let you know that Joee (Ricky Ricardo) is doing amazing. I took him to his first vet appointment on 2-6-10 for his parvo booster and he did absolutely great. He's the best lil boy and I love him sooooo much I appreciate you letting me adopt him. My other chi, CiCi ,she just loves him to death and I believe Joee loves her just as much. I have attached some photos of Joee and CiCi. I will keep all the lil chihuahuas in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks and God Bless



Hi Barbara,

We haven't talked with you in a while so I'm sending you a picture.

Here I am with a yummy veggie bone. I am very protective of it and will sit like this for hours until I am sure no one is out to take it from me.

I am very cute though :)

Hugs and Kisses



Hi Barbara

oh man, it sure is comfy here on Momma's lap. I have to be touching her or Daddy at all times when they are home.

Momma says I have gotten really big but I think I'm still a tiny puppy that needs my belly rubbed :)

Love and miss you

Ruby Joy

Bentley (Choco)

Bentley is doing great! He and my other Chihuahua, Ella, are best friends. They are constantly together. He has really come out of his shell and is such a sweet and friendly dog. Not at all scared like he used to be. He’s even gone to a few horse shows with Ella, my daughter Kenzie and me. He LOVES to travel in the car! I’m very thankful for him. He was a perfect fit for us! I took some pictures for you below…but they’re sideways! I’ll make a point to take some more soon! Keep up what you’re doing saving these precious dogs! Thanks again!



Hi Barb,

I've been meaning to let you know how Scruffy is doing. He has brought more zest into our lives than I can tell you. He is now the boss of us all. I don't think he was a year old when we got him. More like 6 months. He was 3.4 lbs when we got him and now he has just about doubled his size and weighs 6.1 lbs. He and Roxie are very close and PePe just tolerates them both. PePe, however, has gotten more exercise since we got Scruffy, than he has in his lifetime here. So all are healthier!!


Sissee and Felisa

Lottery Ticket

On the way home from work last night, Alan purchased a $5 lottery ticket at QT.

It was a $40 dollar winner!!!

Alan went to mow, I was in the office and apparently the lottery ticket fell to the floor.

We're not sure who dunn'it, but we no longer have enough of the lottery ticket to claim our prize.

All we could do is laugh, the girls had no idea they just ate $40. It was just a piece of paper that Mommy and Daddy were hootin' and hollerin' over.

See pictures for culprits!

Taco, formerly Tonka

Tonka comes to me every time I call him Taco (his new name). It is quite hard to type on the computer because Taco has to be on my lap most of the time. We are now at Grand Lake for a few days and Taco and I just returned from a long ride on the Sea Doo. He doesn't seem to mind his life jacket as long as he is with me. He wants to be with me where ever I am no matter what I am doing. He has his own seat in the pick up and on the tractor. He loves the farm and I certainly enjoy having him with me.

I knew we were going to be best buds the first time I saw him.


Silvee, formerly Silver

Hi! So good to hear from you. Silvee is doing just super. We love her so much. Ruthie & she are best friends. We are dying to bring her to see you. We were hoping you would be at the PetsMart in OK City where we got her from you. Will you be there anytime soon? She is so precious to us. We took both girls on our trip to Colorado & NM a couple of weeks ago. They had a wonderful time in the cool weather. They were quite the popular girls in Santa Fe with everyone(litteraly) taking their pictures. We could have made a fortune if we had charged for them!!!I think of you often and enjoy getting your newsletter. Sometimes it's very hard to read your news. I think you're an angel for all these little dogs...I just wish I could have more. Anyway, Silvee Maree is just great. We adore her and we're so thankful to have her with us. Let me know if you'll be coming to OK City. Even if it's another store, we'll try our best to come see you and let you see Silvee. Bless you and your dogs. Take care.

Charlotte Forte


Hello Barbara,

Just a quick note to let you know we read your latest newsletter, and, as you stated, Foxy has found her "forever home". I've attached a few pictures to show you!





You are so dedicated to the dogs, we don't know how you do it. Just read the newsletter, it was great.

Sam & Susie, J-Lo & Jenny 

Miss Sierra


Just wanted to give you a quick update on Sierra. She is doing great! She is a lot more comfortable now and is fitting in nicely. She doesn't know how to play or even go up the stairs but we are working on all of

those types of things. She follows me all over the house and never lets me leave her sight. Potty training is going good as well. We love her and are so thankful she was rescued from such a horrible situation. Thank you guys for what you do!!!

I've attached a picture of her with her brothers and sisters.

Jillian Ridens


Dear Barbara,

I wanted to just let you know how much we appreciate everything that you do for the Chihuahuas. James and I hope you will have a better year than 2010. I can feel the pain in your heart when I read your letters each month. We also read the joy in your heart when another little one has been saved and gets a new chance in life. You have taken on an enormous job that many people would never have stood up and said enough! I know that we all are grateful.

Then there are those of you that help in everyway they can by taking dogs under their wings and caring for them until their chance for a new home arrives. May God bless all of you.

We have one of those lucky little dogs (Friday) Lexi who is the joy of our hearts. When she came to us she weighed only three pounds and was terrified of everything and everyone. And now she weighs about 9 pounds. She learned to play, go running outside in full chase of our male Chihuahua, Schatzie. Whenever we return home, Lexi goes ballistic by jumping around and whining at the top of her voice. She then runs and gets her favorite toy and drops it in front of us. Around our house if you don't want to hold her...don't sit down...! She loves to burrow down under the covers at bedtime. my heart tells me how happy our little girl is and how wonderful it is to have her. So thank you again for all that you do.

When my husband became seriously ill last year, he was so depressed because he could not do very much. His doctor said to him one day..."you need to focus on what you can do and not what you can't do." He tries to do that now and it helps the sadness go away. I hope you can find that peace within your heart as you look at and remember all the beautiful little dogs.

In Christian Love

Jamd & Kudy Conkling


Our Roxie and Koko spend alot of time up on our bed where it is warmer! Roxie says to tell you "Thanks" for letting her come to live in Wichita--it was a year ago New Year's Day that we were privileged to add her to our family!

Tom and Josi

The picture says it all.

Hettie - April 2011

Hettie is doing great! ...(She) will go and lay down in Precious' kennel anytime she wants...........but she expects Precious to not step one foot into hers. I thought you might like to see Hettie's back porch bed...she likes to be a little higher up than Precious, who with stiffer hips, likes to be ground level now. Neither girl is outside without me but when we are, they have their cushions for comfort.

Loving the BRVC much better than our previous vet so thanks again for that intro. Hettie and Precious have both made visits and are now all set on their heartworm/flea meds.

Anywho, just wanted you to know things are going well over here and Hettie's really a delight to our household.


Cooper - March 2011

Just letting you guys know that Cooper is doing really well! We signed him up for his training classes and he is so smart! He is getting better with people, too. He used to be terrified of Dustin, but I came home today and they were both sleeping on the couch together. It was such a sweet sight!

Wesley - April 2011

Wesley is the cutest little guy - he loves his sister and his home. Thanks for letting us have him.

Popcorn - April 2011

 Just wanted to post some pictures of "popcorn," also known as poppers, corn-pop, doodle-pop, doodle, doodles, doodleriffic, and Orville Popcorn! He is such a joy in our lives and makes us so happy!

Harley, formerly Toltec - April 20011

Toto , now Harley, did great on the drive home. He spent part of the time sitting between Dan and I and even gave us both kisses. Zoie snuggled with him for a while and then Cricket took over and mothered him, she stayed next to him the last 3 hours of the drive and she slept with her head on him too. After we got home Toto wandered around the house and Cricket ran around like a crazy dog, she was the happiest I've ever seen her, she is so excited about her brother, you would have thought they knew each other before. Right now he's sleeping. Thank you again for letting us have Toto.

Update: Day 5

Hi Barb,

We took Harley to our vet today, mostly to make sure he is established as a patient in case of emergency and also to get refills on his prescriptions. We suspected his couldn't see well with his 1 eye, he crashes into things, and he does have cataracts, hopefully it will progress slowly, but meanwhile he doesn't mind! He's a very happy boy, trots up and jumps up on my leg when I call him. He knows his name already and he LOVES to sleep between Dan and I, and yes, you're right about the snoring! At least it's cute! Do you know if he ever had a distemper shot before? I did get him a shot today and I wasn't sure if I should get a booster or not. I told my vet about you and your rescue, she has rescues and does fostering as well, she is also very familiar with puppy mills, etc... It's late, Dan and the dogs are in bed and I'm on my way there too. Just wanted to touch base. I love my little boy! Thanks again for giving him to us, he brings me nothing but joy!


Bobsy Linden & Rudy

Rudy, formerly Tarzan, was found at the OKC Shelter. He was skinny as a rail, covered with ticks, and heartworm positive.

Thank God that Barbara Siegrist and her wonderful crew rescued this boy! I truly feel that the circumstances that led to me adopting him were without a doubt proof that he was meant to be living with our family!

He joined our little Annie, formerly LIttle Lily, that we'd also gotten from Because of You Rescue six months prior. They are now very healthy and happy doggies, and they bring us so much joy!

Rudy was a sweet but fearful little guy to begin with, but has blossomed into a very smart, sweet, and sassy boy, who just oozes personality! I can't imagine life without him now!!

Barbara, Please keep up your incredible work! I've been involved with many rescue groups, and yours is the best I've seen anywhere!!!

Bravo to you and all your volunteer angels!


Barbara "Bobsy" and Ken LInden, Claremore, Oklahoma


Godiva April 2011

Look at Godiva in her beautiful new bed! What a goddess she is now!

Hi Barbara, Just wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how Godiva is doing. I came home with a beautiful flower bud and she is blooming into a beautiful flower! I have taken her with me everywhere I go & she is sooooo good...She's drinking and eating a little. Each day she eats a little more...Yesterday for the first time she really played outside, ran, jumped, had her tail up in the air, looked happy. She'd played with Sara and Simba and looked like she was having a ball. We've been outside to play 3 times today. I get tickled at my husband, chi isn't his favorite breed. I had already checked the fence twice, but he came out to check it to. When he calls during the day from work he always ask about her first. I'd say she is growing on him. lol She and Sara & some of the cats sleep with us ...Well that's about all for now. Will keep you posted.

Oh, I see Mesha and Little Bear Beau got adopted. Yeah!!!!!!!

Thank you again for trusting me with this beautiful flower!

Godiva, Ric, & Janis Larson

Jenny , formerly Talula - April 2011

Jenni is doing fine, already bossing Skyler around. She has gone to work with me the past two days, and is learning to walk around people on her leash, however, her official "Function" at work, is inspector. She likes to make sure everything is in ship shape!

Doppler and Frito - May 2011

Hi Barbara,

Well we made it back from our trip and all of the pack are back from the doggie spa. I promised that I would send you a photo when I saw you last so I am finally getting around to doing that.

Frito has grown and has way more energy than we know what to do with. He play and plays and plays then finally crashes for a much needed nap (the nap was for me). Doppler is looking fit and trim after his time at the spa. I think he misses the quiet days before Frito came so he enjoys the naps too.

Jeff York

Wesley - May 2011


Wesley has made a huge difference in this family. He loves to give kisses to both mommies and his sister Nina. He runs and plays chase with Nina every afternoon. We love him, and are going to keep him. He likes to 'talk" about things every morning. He has helped his mommies and sister get through their grief over the loss of Nina's brother and sister within a 6 month period. He just recently had his picture taken for the Presbyterian church directory with both of his mommies and his sister. He also likes being "the baby." Wesley and Nina like to listen to 1950's music.

That's all for now.

Niki and Camille

Pooter - May 2011

I got the sling! He loves it! Thank you so much! I love carrying him, but when he's on my lap when I'm on the computer and I have to type with both hands, I'm afraid he'll roll off. The sling is perfect! Pooter says "Thank you Mama Barb!"

Thank you so much for my sweet little Pooter and everything you've given me for him! I finally have a baby that can take the amount of attention I have to give! He's one spoiled little boy, and I love every second of it! I expect he'll get even worse with his new pouch, but I love having him with me all the time!

His personality hasn't changed from what you described at all either! He runs, sleeps, keeps track of his ice cream cone, growls, and bites his back legs! Everyone loves him so much!

Thank you!


Hettie - May 2011


Good morning. I hadn't sent you a pic of Hettie in awhile so thought I'd send you one showing you how she is adjusting to her new sister, Precious.

I won't sugar coat their relationship because truthfully, there have been a few growls and serious eye contacts in the past months.........but "be nice" is something they both understand and the tiff passes quickly.

All in all though, I think they've adjusted nicely to being sisters. Sometimes I come back into the den and they are both in the same 

"fluffy dog" bed under the same cover (always a shock to me! ha). Then this morning, Hettie was snuggled up practically on top of Precious (who is completely covered up in this picture). Thought you'd like to see that pic of the girls.

I loved the name "Hettie" but we've given her a proper name also.......Henrietta Elizabeth Bray. She continues to be called "Hettie" and sometimes "Hettie Bettie".......why, I don't know but it just seems to fit her perfectly. She continues to be a wonderful addition to our family and we love her dearly!

This photo is of Precious, Hettie's 10 1/2 year old Min-Pin sister. I had bought Hettie and Precious new bones and they were so excited to get them. Later, Precious was trying to find a place in the house to bury both of funny to see! Hettie was following her around while Precious was in her "bone burying mode". ha! Precious has had multiple bones and she's never ever picked up two at once to bury! Kids!!


Rossie - June 2011

Just wanted you to know she is doing great. Has started playing with our other dogs. She sleeps with us every night and snuggles with me every chance she gets. Was easy to finish potty training-just followed my dogs out. This morning she walked with our big dogs who are on leashes as we do our laps. Our other smaller dogs just follow along. Every morning she gets in her crate when my other chi gets in her crate. Both get their treats and then snuggle in their bed until my husband or I get home. Runs outside with other dogs to do her business and rolls in the grass to play. She is happy and we love her! Thank you. Pat and Carol

Abbie Allura - July 2011

She is right at home with all of us!! We love her so much.. I'm so glad we came to Pets Mart that day!! Thank you, Regina and Brandon Jones

Sookie, Formerly YumYum - July 2011

‎"Sookie" also known as "Yum Yum" has been with us for 1 year now. Thanks to "Because of You Chihuahua

Rescue" for rescuing her!


I adopted my little sweetheart, Murphy, from Because of You Chihuahua Rescue in August 2009. He is such a happy little dog - thank you for letting me take him home! He is well-loved here. :)

Xavi, Formerly Rachel - June 2011

Rachel (a.k.a. Xavi) is definitely getting settled in her new home. She's learning from her new older brother, Zilker, how to walk on leash, potty in the yard, and sit for her food bowl. We're so happy to have her, and our human and dog friends are smitten with her already! Many thanks to "Because of You" for the tireless rescue work you do all year long! We've done a little web-surfing, and I think she may be a mix of Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, and possibly Dachshund... her fur and coloring is so unique!

Doppler, Formerly Benny

I got my little chihuahua at Because of You Chihuahua Rescue and he can be the sweetest dog when he sleeps but when he is playful he is so funny cuz he will pounce on ure toes and fingers if you wiggle them. His name used to be Benny but we changed his name to Doppler because his ears look like a Doppler radar. And we live in oklahoma so it fits perfect!

Baby Doll and Pepito

Baby Doll & Pepito (both adopted from the rescue) - they're napping buddies :-)


 We love our Buzzy/Buddy. He is the most loving perfect doggie. Thank you Because of You!


This is Mojo. My husband and I adopted him from BYCR and couple of months ago and couldn't be happier. He's a great little Chi and we love him very much.

Rookie, formerly Muchacha

 My husband and I really wanted another chi! We just wanted to wait for the perfect little girl to complete our chi family! We waiting nearly two years before finding her. I went into Pet Smart on a Sunday to buy two new harnesses thinking I would be safe to not come home with a dog (since they are normally there Saturdays) and of course..There was our new little girl, Rookie! As soon as I saw her I fell in love. I called and texted my husband a few times to ask if it was okay. Of course, he did not hesitate and as soon as I brought her home he melted! :)

We just love our little baby Rookie! We adopted her from BOYCR a few weeks ago and she is so happy! Lots of play and lounge time for this little girl!


This is our beautiful Foxy Roxie that we adopted from BOYCR...


Niki a rescue from because of you chihuahua :) she is a sweet baby!

Josey & Hope

Here's my two rescues! Hope, the black & tan was rescued from an animal cruelty/puppy mill south of Perkins, OK. She an 85 others came to OSU after animal welfare of Stillwater took them. She is so sweet, but had a very traumatic life. Josey, the red and white, came from BOYCR. She is so funny! Just like a happy little kid! Her and Hope have been 20,000+ miles in the last year to rodeos. We just bought a new Dodge with heated seats in the back...for the girls OF COURSE! They have a fancy horse trailer with an air-conditioner and lots of room to run and play...just like home! I can't imagine our life without them! Thanks to BOYCR for all they do!

Spike - August 2011

I'm sending a picture of Spike with his biggest fan, Taylor, my 7-year-old granddaughter) and I could not be any happier with Spike. He loves to snuggle and spends the nights asleep under my covers. My heart just melts as he showers me with "kisses". Spike is never far from my side and when Taylor is visiting, they are inseparable. Thank you for all you ladies do. A special thanks to Bobbi, Spike's foster mom, for bringing Spike to us. This adoption is truly meant to be.

Libby Lou - August 2011

Do you remember Libby? Well,she is well & doing fine--kind of think she is boss, too!!. That's o.k. & just fine with me, & Lily tolerates it. They play & run together, and they do their own thing too. Libby sometimes "grooms" Lily (her eyes, & ears), & Lily loves that. The ONLY problem I have with Libby is her barking. She is a huge barker. When someone comes to the house she barks constantly--constantly. I have explained to her that they will not take her away but...........Anyway, if I hold her she stops or if anyone holds her she will stop. A squirt bottle with water was suggested but I don't want to do that because she still has a few fears.

She is very sweet & is my shadow. She shows such joy when I come home & that tail goes so fast for nearly anything. I think she is a very happy girl & content too. She loves my bed.

I wanted you to have an update after I had her for awhile. I wanted to see how everything went although I really didn't have any doubts. I will send a picture soon. I love this little girl, & I have wondered what her life must have been before & the difference we make in their lives. I can only imagine.

I could not thank you enough for all you & everyone have done & do for the animals. I am thankful for all rescue groups..

Pat, Lily, & Libby

Mr. Tatter - August 2011 (Nanners and Tucker too!)

Tatters graduated from obedience school in August. Even though he is not a puppy, I felt that he was too timid to go into the regular class, hence the "Puppy Class". He did so well, and I was so proud of him! You should have seen him strutting his stuff in front of all those puppies, all of whom were at least twice his size! I've attached a picture of his diploma for you to see. He is such a good

There are so many pictures that I "LOVE" of Mr. Tatters, it was very difficult to pick just a couple for you, but none-the-less here he is sunning himself on the back porch, and another of him with his ever-present companion, Nanners. They are inseparable, as you know, and I'm so glad we decided to make them both permanent members of the family! I can't imagine life without them. I thank God, that you, Susie, and Shannon saw something in them, that made you save them.

boy, of course he didn't "need" a class, but I enjoyed taking him, and I think the class really helped him overcome some fears, and gave him some much needed confidence. 

Our other BOYCR baby, Tucker, is also doing great. We love all three so much, and their big brother Jake, loves them too!

Annie & Lali - September 2011


I am sending you a picture of my girls Annie and Lali. Annie (black) is about half the size of Lali (brown) but sure thinks she rules the roost and does her best sometimes to remind Lali who was here first. Annie loves chew bones and could care less about toys and Lali loves toys but for the most part ignores chew bones. Lali will “steal” any stuffed toy that my grandson might leave laying around and take it to her bed. She loves to squeak her toys and occasionally gets in trouble for it when we are trying to watch TV or sleep. Annie is my little love bug and is helping teach Lali how to be one. Annie will go outside any time but if Lali doesn’t need to go outside to potty, you can forget her getting up and going out! Each one is coming along so well with adapting and it gives us so much joy to watch them change and learn.

Adopting two puppy mill dogs is a wonderful experience. Yes, we sometimes have issues but all I have to do is remember the life they had before and my heart melts again. Getting to watch them learn things and see that human touch is not something to be afraid of is 

very rewarding. Maybe puppy mill chis are not for everyone but they definitely were for us. Thank you for the opportunity to have these two wonderful girls in our lives.

Pat Lott

Roxy - October 2011

Hi, Barbara--I assure you that our Roxie has found a loving and hopefully "forever" home, and she has added much joy and laughter to our days. She is dedicated lap dog and loves sitting in one lap or the other when we are reading. She is also the most active of our three dogs. She loves to run figure '8s' around the two trees in our backyard and, oh! those long skinny legs of hers can run FAST! Poor KoKo (who is younger but has much shorter legs) cannot keep up with her speed and endurance...

Since we think there is some terrier in her background, she is also the one who barks first for any reason whatsoever. She sometimes wakes up before the other two dogs and comes out of her "cuddlebed" at the head of our bed and snuggles up next to me with her head on my shoulder--and she likes to be covered up, especially now that our weather is turning cooler. That is my favorite time of day! This a.m. for the first time I had to put coats on my pups before taking them out as it was 31 degrees. I hope that everyone with shorthair pups will remember to put warm coats and sweaters on them in the coming cold days. I wish all 3 of my dogs were paper trained for then I would not make them set their little feet out on the cold ground of winter at all!

Best wishes to you and your volunteers and all the little Chi-charges in your care. Sincerely, Betty, Roxie, KoKo and Snooks

Sissee, formerly Cassie, with her new syblings - October 2011

Amazing how they all find a spot!


Princess Sparkle, formerly Sparkler

Hi Barbara, checking back in with an update on Sparkle. My 4 yr old G'daughter shortened, then lengthened, her name to Princess Sparkle so she's not called Sparkler anymore. She said she calls her princess because she has 'special eyes'. The Opth specialist conducted numerous tests and found that she has blocked tearducts. He said he could unblock them but it would be a temporary fix and the condition would return within a month or so. He said if she is not suffering or in pain (she's not) then it is not a situation to be concerned with health-wise. Cosmetically, he said just wipe her eyes with a damp cloth to remove residue from her fur. The stains don't bother me and since it doesn't bother Sparkle, I'm not going to do anything to correct it. Doing that could cause additional problems (allergies) w/OTC items and she's fine the way she is. I mentioned your suggestion of the water (recall we discussed this several months back) and he said he didn't believe that causes or prevents stains. He believed rather that stains can be darker at times due to stress which changes the Ph level of the tears. When animals are stressed from being abused, malnourished, not having a permanent home, other health issues or situations, the changed Ph level causes dark staining by allowing yeast buildup. Over time, as the dog acclimates to new surroundings, it will get lighter/fainter. Hers are not as dark as before but stains or not, she will always be a pretty princess to us. :)

Hettie, December 2011

Here are a couple of pics I took this morning. One is of of Hettie alone, and then one of Hettie with her sister, Precious. Hettie is not too very fond of Santa looming over her but she took the photo shoot fairly well. ha! Unfortunately, I just cannot figure out how to get their eyes with color in a photo!




She no longer hangs her head down, nor avoids your look/gaze, or appears depressed/timid. It's taken several months of work and patience so that now she looks up at me and others, and is a very active part of our dog family. She's the first one at the door every day to greet me when I return from work and lets out a couple yips as if to show her happiness. When I'm working at home, whenever I get up to move about the house she follows me from room to room, sometimes so closely that she walks into the back of my legs, lol. She is an extremely loyal dog. If one of the other dogs is pestering me she pushes her head toward them to brush them away. It is funny to watch. Patience, persistence and lots of gentle love pays off with a dog like this who was kenneled and bred in a mill all her life until you found her. When we first saw you holding her and you told us her sad story it broke my heart. I knew I could heal her heart and help her find her soul again and I feel I've succeeded. She is very special to me and I miss her very much anytime I'm gone on my short trips. She is so happy to see me return she spins donuts when I walk in the house! Thank you so much for Blessing, Sparkle and Sammy (formerly Spud). They are our family and we love them very much.

Cooper, 2011

Cooper, AKA Snoop Doggy Dog, is doing well! He has a total of five sweaters now ranging from thin to thick and he absolutely loves wearing them. He is healthy, warm, and loves to play with his big sister. He enjoys cuddling with his mother and father, playing tug of war, and tugging on my pant leg when I get home. We are so thankful and blessed to have him in our lives. I would really like to foster as well, but I am not sure if my schedule or budget would allow it but I will look up the requirements again and see if I can fit the description!


Thought you may want an update on Trinnee, we adopted spring of this year. When we got her I held her alll the way home and she bonded with me right away. For weeks she followed me everwhere I went, if I got up at 3am she would get up too, not wanting me to leave her sight. For the first month she stayed under my bed, I guess that was her safe place. Everyday I would try to get her out from under the bed but never forced her. I would put my hand out and one day she finally licked it, and I knew she was starting to trust me. Everytime you tried to pet her she would duck down, like she you were going to hit her, poor baby I don't know about her life before but she wasn't treated very nice and was not socialized. She has progressed so much now. She sleeps next to my bed with her baby blanket, unless she wants in my bed then she gets to sleep there. She likes her daily belly rubs, her favorite dingo bone, she likes her little squirel toy, and she always gets a chicken snack every day. She likes when we go outside so she can run. This summer when it was hot she kept getting in our water fountain so we bought her a little kiddie pool and she loves to swim. Earlier she didn't want nothing to do with my other chi, Ruby but now they are good friends and she lets Ruby sleep with her, that was a major breakthru. She has filled such a big void in my heart since I lost my dutchie. I can't imagine not having this precious girl, I think she rescued me not me rescue her, LOL. She still won't sit in my lap, but thats okay she will when she is ready. I want to thank BOYCR for allowing me to adopt her, she now has a FOREVER home with all the love and attention she need. Thank You!!!! I will post a pic soon, Kim D, Okmulgee, Ok.


I thought I'd give you an update on our little Paloma. We adopted her on Sept 24 so we've had her about 2 1/2 months. She has lost a lot of her shyness but still doesn't like to be picked up. She's really become a part of our family and I think sometimes she thinks she's the boss. She is almost housebroken and has had very few accidents. She's learning how to play but still shows no interest in toys. Her favorite thing is a little bead-filled pillow that's in my wife's recliner. She sleeps on it every night. I heard that Santa is bringing her one of her own for Christmas. She is our little sweetie....we're so glad we found each other.


This is Scout, who I adopted 3 years ago from BYCR when I was going through a very hard time. I love this little guy so much, and he's given me the world...Scout is doing just fine, and I wouldn't think of going anywhere without him :-) No kids, but Scout now has a brother who was a French Bulldog rescue. As you can see, he still loves rolling on his back!

Mia, formerly Flirt January 2012

This is what Flirt looked like when she was adopted. Below is an update from her family, and new pictures too! She is still adorable!

Just thought you might like an update on Mia and something to add to your Success Stories.

Mis has been such a joy in our home. She is so loving and extremely playful. I think she is already spoiled, has a bed in almost every room and we have added new toys for her. She loves going in and out the doggy door and can fly through it like a bullet. She loves setting outside in the sunshine and also taking her toys out with her. She is a very well behaved little girl and does all her business outside. I am so happy to have adopted her and I think she knows that she has a wonderful forever home. I was concerned that my husband might not like her but they are "best friends" and she welcomes him home every day with her playfulness. We really love her and our thanks to BOYCR for matching us with this wonderful little dog (although I don't know if she is aware that she's a dog.)

Zoey, February 2012

Dear Barbara:

I just wanted to share some pics of little Zoey, adopted Nov 2008, and now 14 years old and doing great. She lives with me and a cat brother, has play dates with a doggie friend now and then, and even goes to a friend's lake house when invited. She has assumed the role of protector of her home and yard quite well. She is a great little buddy. I love her. Enjoy the photos.

Maribeth G

Rocket Man, February 2012

Sleepy Time

Wednesday, February 2012

Wednesday has spent her first night & day at our house.

She is doing fine & seems willing to make a go of it. She doesn't trust the cats but is starting to show more interest and less fear.

Of course the cats feel the same way. Last night Wednesday got up the courage to bark at one of the cats when it came out of hiding. Even though it scared Wanda (our youngest cat), interaction is always a learning tool. Every time something happens, and the world doesn't end, they get a little more comfortable with each other.

Hope all your animals are doing well and well be adopted soon.



Tin Tin - March 2012

Just wanted to let you know Tin Tin is still doing great. Everyday he seems to let a little more of his personality come out. He loves to play fetch in the living room with his squeakie toys. He’ll pretend he’s going to let you grab the toy (his fave is a stuffed chick) and then pounce on it as soon as you try. It’s hilarious. He has become very bonded with my daughter , Ana. He gets so excited when she comes home from school! They have been taking daily walks; he does great on the leash.


PeeWee - March 2012

The Cole family is happy to officially announce our latest family addition. PeeWee Tester Siegrist Cole. Welcome to your forever home lil furry wonder boy. We love your snorty sounds.

Evie and CiCi

PeeWee came to us 1 1/2 years ago and has been with his foster mom CiCi in tulsa for the last 6-8 months. She always said that someday she would adopt him, and she finally has!!! Congratuations!!!!!

Roxie and Koco - April 2012

I always enjoy getting the NewsLetter, feeling happy for the dogs who have found good forever homes--but sad for the ones that have passed on... Our little ones are happy to have the cold weather behind us but they're not real thrilled about all the rain! I tell them how dry last year was and how much we need this rain but they just whine "Can we just pee on the carpet?!" (Not the lovely Roxie--just the little rascal KoKo!) 

Rumble, formerly Kylee, September 2012

Hi Barbara – here are the pictures I told you I would send of Rumbelina “Rumble” formerly known as Kylee.

She is a feisty little girl, and we just love her! She sleeps hard and plays harder! She and her brother Charger are best friends, and she loves to chase her cat siblings as well. Can’t imagine life without her now.

Tiffany & Ryan

Milo, formerly Milagro, October 2012


I have learned what it means to go from a deprived boy to one that's "living large." I just love my new mom (Jane) and my sister Mama. Our first job was to find me a new name I could live with - we tried several but I liked Milo and will answer to it.

I just love giving my mom "sugars" but have to remind my sister often that I'm "the boss..." Mom says I've got to learn how not to pee on everything outside (I'm good inside) but I thought that's what real men do. I also get to take walks with my neighbor Camille, her 2 chi's Nina and Wesley and my "prima-donna sister Mama" in her buggy - she thinks she's too good to walk. I am getting used to the Savannah House life and I really like it.


Milo and Jane

Sweetie, October 2012

 Here is sweetie at her blessing!


Kira, October 2012

Oh how she loves lazy Sundays.....rescue dogs make the best furry pals. Kira is forever grateful, happy and always up for a good cuddle :)

Marva, October 2012

Happy Halloween Barb! Marva

Maggie Pez October 2012

My little puppy mill rescue mommy dog is finally starting to realize she's here to stay! She's taken over Dr. Crane's doggy bed! Guess I'll

be making her (or maybe HIM) a new bed!

Popcorn October 2012

Popcorn and his mom came by to visit the volunteers at our adoption outreach event.This little guy sure is happy and loving life now!

Swagger, formerly Chico Baby, December 2012

Here are some of the pictures we have taken over the past week and a half since we brought the little guy home. One of our biggest concerns was how he would get along with our other dog, Cookie, who we have had for four years, and they absolutely love each other and get along great now. He fit in with our family as soon as he stepped in our house. He only had 1 accident until he had the doggy door 100% figured out. Last weekend we were out in the front putting up Christmas decorations and he laid in his bed in the sun like a perfect angel the whole time (and played fetch with some of the neighbor kids who love him too!). This weekend we took him to Joplin, MO with us (where my husband's family lives), and he was just as well behaved at his grandparents' home. We can't wait to take him and Cookie to have their picture taken with Santa soon. We are SO blessed to have adopted him and couldn't be more happy with the decision.

Thank you!

Luke and Alyssa

Tony Alfonzo February 2013

Getting comfy with new dad!

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