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Foster duties include:

  • Answering phone calls of people interested in adopting the dog in your possession.

  • Bringing dogs to adoption outreaches on Saturdays (3 Saturdays per month). This will include helping with the outreaches.

  • Doing a home visit if your dog is adopted through the adoption outreach.

  • Paying for food. (The rescue attempts to help with this expense but cannot guarantee this is possible monthly.)

  • Meeting interested people at designated place to allow them to meet your foster.

Once you have filled out and returned this application a Because of You Chihuahua Rescue representative will contact you regarding your application. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Because of You Chihuahua Rescue foster parent.

Please note that because of the limited space available in foster homes, BOYCR cannot swap dog(s) between foster homes. If you agree to foster for BOYCR that means we are pulling said dog from a shelter or bad situation to put into your foster home, only because you have agreed to foster the said dog. We do not expect you to keep a dog that becomes aggressive or bites! If that situation was to come up, then BOYCR must be contacted immediately to remove the said dog.

Name *

Address *

Length of time at address

Home Phone

Cell Phone

Fax Number

Work Phone

Email Address

I live in a

Setting *

Type of ownership

Name and Number of Landlord or Manager

Are dogs allowed

Type of fence *

Height of fence *

Condition of fence *

Do you have children in your household *

List names and ages of children

Please list the names of related and of non-related residents or housemates

Have you fostered previously *

If so, please provide a name, number, and email for reference

Have you previously adopted a pet from another rescue *

If so, from whom, and what happened to the pet?

If your last animal was given away please indicate the name and the address of whom the dog(s) belong to now:

Have you ever owned or fostered a chihuahua before?

If yes, how long did you own a chihuahua and what happened to them?

Are all members of your household aware that you will be fostering?

Do they all approve?

Will others be handling and caring for the foster dog?

If so, how many Adults, and how many Children?

Are you willing to permit a home check by a Because of You Chihuahua Rescue representative? *

How many hours will the foster be left alone per day? *

Please explain:

Are you often away for extended periods? *

Where will the dog be kept when alone during the day? *

Where will the dog be kept in the evening? *

Where will the dog sleep at night? *

If there is any aspect of your home that a dog could affect (white carpet, antiques, etc.) please identify:

What is the level of activity in your household? *

Does anyone in your house have allergies to dander or dust? *

Do you currently own any dogs? *

If so, please provide breed, sex, age, spayed or neutered:

Do you currently own any cats? *

If so, please provide sex, age, spayed or neutered, clawed or declawed:

Please provide the name, address and phone number of the veterinarian for your pets. (If you've had pets in the past, please list the info for the vet that cared for your past pets.)

Do you own any other types of pets? *

If so, what kind?

What type of foster dog do you prefer? (check all that apply) *

If yes, are there any problems not accepted?

Would you consider fostering

Are there any special circumstances that Because of You Chihuahua Rescue should be aware of? *

If so, please explain:

Are you willing to travel to pick up a dog? *

If yes, how far?

How much interaction will the dog have with visitors? *

Have you ever Obedience Trained a dog before?

What is your definition of disciplining a dog?

What will you do if your foster dog is destructive while alone?

How would you encourage or reinforce the foster dog's appropriate good behavior? *

How would you prevent or manage the foster dog's inappropriate - not so good - behavior? *

Are you prepared to keep the foster for an indefinite period of time, until the dog can be placed into an approved forever home? *

Are you aware that you must notify Because of You Chihuahua Rescue of any routine medical care necessary for the dog BEFORE the medical care is performed? *

Are you aware that your application must be approved before you are enlisted as a Because of You Chihuahua Rescue volunteer? *

Are you able and willing to provide these services? *


Do you attest that this is a valid and legal substitution for your written signature on this legal document titled Foster Application *

Signature *

Today's Date *

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