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Best Friends of Pets

Spay Neuter Assistance


OK Humane Society

Spay & Neuter Clinic


The Bella Foundation

Veterinary Care Assistance

Central Oklahoma's Foodbank For 



OKC Animal Welfare Pet Food Bank 



Sometimes we all need a helping hand (or paw). Please utilize these great outreach programs listed to the left to take care of your pups if and when the rains of life hit. We know that our pets are family, and they want nothing more than to with be their pack family members forever. It is as devastating to them as it is to us to separate, so we hope you will feel comfortable to reach out the the resources listed if you find yourself in a season where providing for them seems impossible.

Spaying and neutering your pet is one of the best ways you can love them. Not only does spaying/neutering help to limit the numbers of homeless and unwanted dogs, but it prevents prevalent cancer and infections among our pets.

Below, is Mia, lovingly called "Mama Mia." She gave birth to three puppies, one stillborn, the others doing very well. The breed of the father is unknown, but the puppies were large for her to carry and the pregnancy and birth difficult. Now, Mia is spayed and will never have to endure that again. She is ready for her forever home! 

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