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2020 Meet and Greet Days and Locations

1st Saturday of Every Month

A1 Pet Emporium Locations

Noon to 4pm

January 4th    @Britton & May

February 1st   @Edmond

March 7th       @Britton & May

April 4th          @Edmond

May 2nd           @Edmond

June 6th           @Britton & May

July 4th             (Closed)

Aug. 1st           @Britton & May

Sept. 5th          @Edmond

Oct. 3rd           @Britton & May

Nov. 7th          @Edmond

Dec. 5th          @Britton & May

Hi! I'm Snow! Come out and see me and my friends! We are all looking for our forever homes where we'll be loved and cherished for our entire lifetimes. 

1st Sunday of Every Month

PetCo, Edmond 2nd & Bryant

Noon to 3pm

4th Saturday of Every Month

Hollywood Feed, Nichols Hills

Noon to 3pm

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