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2024 Meet and Greet Days and Locations

A1 Pet Emporium Edmond Location

Noon to 3pm

Please note: We will be participating in a blood drive APRIL 20th from 9am-12pm  


January N/A

Feb 17th           @Edmond

March 23rd     @Edmond

April 20th        @Edmond (9am-12pm)

May  N/A

June 1st            @Edmond

July 6th            @Edmond

Aug. 17th         @Edmond

Sept. 21st         @Edmond

Oct. 19th          @Edmond

Nov. 16th         @Edmond

December   N/A

Hi! Come out to see my friends!  They are all looking for forever homes where they will be loved and cherished like I am in my new home!

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