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Yankee Doodle Dandy


My Yankee Doodle Dandy, given to me by a service family. They did not want you after 14 years of being a family member. How could a parent throw away one of their children?

You had so many problems, as we found out the first day, when you were taken to the vet. A heart murmur level 5, cataracts, arthritis and a mouth of rotten teeth and infection.

It seemed you were so sad, for months….. I think you were waiting for your family to come to get you. But they never even called to check on you!

You began to have water retention and Lasik did not help. You had seizures and you seemed ready to go, so when the doctor said “it was time” I knew I needed to do what was right for you and send you with the angels on high, to your new home in Heaven.

Your young, healthy and without a care, now……..

We miss you, my little soldier man.

We buried you in the back yard and marked your grave. Sadly there are others there, too. I sit by the little tree I planted to shade you, and remember!

Love, your mom


8-28-1995 to 7-29-2009

I miss you old girl. I had you for not such a long time……you came to me on 6-17-2008.

You were my “Chiquita Banana” and although I sang it to you most every day, because you were deaf, you never heard my voice.

You were such a good dog. Sweet to love on and no trouble at home.

You lost your mom and so you came to live with me when none of her family wanted you. You were one of the first permanent residents. I decided you and Peanut made a cute couple, and what a cute pair you were!

We had pictures taken because I knew it was just a matter of time before I lost one of you. You looked so regal sitting on the little sofa at the photograph studio.

You loved car rides, I should have taken you more often.

You slept at the bottom of my bed as if to guard over me at night. You couldn’t use the steps so I had to put you on and off the bed. You slept most of the time, towards the end, but you were always there when it was time to eat!

You played with your toys. There were bags of them, brought to you by your previous family. It was as if you recognized them from all the others. You were an absolute doll!

Then came the red blood filled eye. We saw two vets and one dismissed it. But it did not go away. The other one tested you and said it was glaucoma. He said you were too old and in too bad of health to remove the eye, and besides, you were almost totally blind in the other eye. You had developed a staph infection and had some tumors. I knew the eye bothered you because you rubbed it on everything.

The vet said it was time to “put you to sleep” before your quality of life was gone. So, thru many tears, I held you in my arms as you went softly to God’s waiting arms.

I imagine you young and running in heaven. No responsibilities of caring for your other mom or me.

You were cremated so I can take you with me when my days are done.

I miss you, still there are nights when I look for you, to put you and Peanut on the bed.

Kisses and hugs, Chiquita Banana

Have you had your banana today?

Toro (Petie)

Toro, or as Shannon re-named you, Petie, we lost you today, August 12th, 2009, about 9:10 A.M.

You had a bad night last night, Shannon said. Your cough was so bad, she was going to take you to the vet this morning. God called you to heaven before Shannon could get you to the doctor. Even though she was so torn-up by your passing, she was glad she got to hold you as you left this worldly place for a better place……

You were loved and will be missed little old guy who I first saw hiding under the car at the peoples house where you had stayed for a couple of days. Why had you been thrown away? I know you were not “on the streets” because you ran away from home. Chihuahua’s don’t run away, and you were way too weak and shy!

I hate the people who threw you away. God will punish them…… I know we should not cry and be sad, but we loved you so much- in your feeble body and acting so sad.

God speed dear boy.


Foster moms Barb and Shannon

What a sad little boy you were the day Barb and I went to get you. You cried and coughed all the way home and most of the night. The next day things started getting better though, your meds were working . You were so afraid to go outside the first few days but after you learned it was a good place to be you went tayor baler hiker biker with all the others .Your tail began to wag and you were barking at me for your treats and a hug. What a funny guy you were when you thought I had something you wanted. You did not go to adoption that first week; we wanted to make sure you were ok (I kinda figured you might just join my motley crew). You were such a good boy from the first night to sleep at the foot of the bed and not move till everyone else did. On Tuesday you did not seem to be feeling well. We tried everything to make you feel comfortable. I finally just gave up and held you and rocked you till we could get to the vet in the morning. Your tail never quit wagging you just closed your eyes and sighed. You were here such a short time but you were mourned deeply as I buried you. You now lay out with the ashes of Sadie, Naner, and Beau. I am sure you will be waiting for me and Barb, who was there for you first.

To the man who took you in for those first days thank you very much.

To those who threw you out - you shall reap what you sow.

Play sound and well Petie pup, my little man

Your Mom



My little Jingles was not with me for long , but she was the sweetest baby anyone could ever ask for. I found you in the shelter but could not get you out till your time was up, even though no one was coming for you because you were blind and old but I just could not leave you there, so I asked Barb to help me get you out and she did for that I thank her from the bottom of my heart for without her help I would never have had your love for the short time you were with me. Even though I cry as I write this I know you are in a better place no pain and you can see to run and play with the others. I still miss you. You will always be a part of my little family and we'll all see you at the bridge.



Sent to heaven on September 24, 2009

I barely had time to get to know you before I had to give you up, but in that short time, you stole a little piece of me and I know you had only one wish, as all dogs do. Your only request of me was to LOVE YOU! I hope I filled that request just a little. Find Jingles and wait for me at “the Bridge,” I’ll come for you both.

Bye little one, Go WITH MY LOVE………

Mom, Doris

Adora, (as we named you)

We only had you for a few hours, it was hard to say goodbye all the while………

It was so good of the man to stop to move you out of the street after some un-thoughtful person hit you with their car. However, when he found that you were still alive, he should have taken you straight to a vet. Instead, he took you home and allowed you to lay there for a day or two, we are not sure how long. He tried to help, he gave you aspirin for the pain. Then he called us and Connie rushed to you. It was late in the evening, she thought it was your neck that was hurt, even though he had said he thought you had a broken leg.

Oh, how I wish it had been a broken leg, we could have fixed that! Connie took you to the animal emergency hospital, where they diagnosed you and said it was brain trauma and that you were paralyzed and there was no way to know if the swelling in your brain would go down and you would live. It was also a 50- 50 chance that you would never have a normal life. Especially since it had been so long before getting to the vet. The vet told us it would be weeks, maybe months before we would know if you would have any kind of life!

You were in so much pain, you continually cried…..

So the decision was made to put you out of the pain you were in, and let you go to a place where we knew you get well……..HEAVEN

Connie held you in her arms, and I cried for you………

It was September 28, 2009 that we said goodbye

Pablo ( as we named you)

You were a stray that we received a call about , late one evening, the woman said she could not keep you and if we did not come to get you, she would take you to the city animal shelter.

Susie went to look at you and we did bring you home, to Susie’s house………..

We guessed you to be about 10 months to a year old. You were thin, and we were told you had been in the neighborhood for about a week. A small blonde little boy, un-neutered and shy.

We immediately sat up an appointment to get your vet work done. Everything went well, but then a few days later, you quit eating and just laid around. Susie took you to the vet and a couple of days later, you passed away. They gave you antibiotics and fluids and ran tests but never did diagnosis what was wrong! (Only that his white blood count was extremely high and that it was not Parvo.)

You passed away softly on the morning of September 23rd, 2009.

We are so sorry little guy, that we were not there with you when you gave up the fight to live.

We take comfort in knowing you are no longer hungry or in pain, but playing at the other side of the bridge, and we will all be re-united someday!

You will be buried in my backyard, with the others who have not made it. I planted a Redbud tree , in honor of you all….

Mr. Magoo

October 20, 2009

Today my heart broke again. We lost you so fast and unexpected. What a wonderful little man you were. I am so glad you came into my life I would not trade one bit of the heartache I have for the joy you brougt me. I know how hard it was for Barb to give you up to she loved you so much herself. Thank you Barb for allowing me to share the goo man with you. You need not worry now goo about being left in a place unfamilar to you for what ever stupid reason they had for leaving you in the first place. You have been called to come home and even though I think it was to soon, you have now gone across the bridge. I will have an empty pillow tonight, an ache in my heart but lots of joy too knowing that when it is my time you will be waiting for me, a young, healthy, fluffy puppy. You watch for us.

Love your other mother,


Mr. Magoo

Lost to us on October 20, 2009

But needed in heaven by God. I do not understand why you were needed now, I was not nearly ready to say goodbye. But God knows the plan and we know he had another job for you.

It all happened so quickly.. You have always had health problems but we thought you were doing well. Then your kidneys stopped and your heart grew tired, and you tried to go off to be alone.

Luckily Shannon was very in tune to your habits and recognized something was wrong. She called to say she was taking you to see Dr. Henderson. He thought you would be better after getting the fluid out of your lungs. But the next morning, Shannon knew you were Not better, but Worse. So again she took you to the doctor. This time the news was not good.

I rushed to your side where we got to say our goodbyes. Your eyes were so sad looking, and confused.

I think you were wondering why Shannon and I were crying so much……Shannon sang to you and we both whispered sweet secrets to you.

Then you were gone. Shannon wrapped you in your blanket.

I knew you first, but since you lived with her the last few months, we now have a forever bond…………

Sweet little goo man, I know you are well now, and will someday turn and see me coming through the gate. Until then, run and play hard with no problems breathing anymore!

Love, mom

My Goo Goo, you will never be forgotten!

Valentine 2-14-10

e angels came this afternoon to lift you up to heaven, to be with God and all the other dogs before you. You will be young again, and happy and will be able to see, feel love and have room to run and play unlike the life you had here on earth, where you were kept caged. You had not one to love you or care about your health. Otherwise you would not have come to me just a cover of mats over bones. And unable to see for all the mats over your eyes. Which I saved after you passed, so I could show people because they would never believe me if I simply told them how bad it was. Your mouth was so bad, teeth, gums and bone, all gone or rotting. No wonder you were so thin, I don’t imagine you could eat. Yet you came with a big bowl of dry kibble in the nasty crate! And your penis was sticking out, it was dry and appeared to be dying tissue. It was stuck to hair and could not go in. How it must have hurt to try to go pee pee. I don’t know if you even could do that either!!!

You were 10 years old, and have probably never had a happy life, 

and should have weighted about 5 pounds instead of 2. And you you should have been a beautifully groomed poodle, not a matted mess.

I tried to cut the mats away, and you were so weak you could not stand. You were not able to hold your head up while we so gingerly tried to cut the mats away. My husband Alan had to help me, to support your little body.………

I called Dr. Chris and was crying, I told him we needed to meet at his clinic and he did. He was so sad for you too, he bent over and kissed your head. We cried for you and decided you were way too weak to try to do anything to help you. We believed you would die on the table and so we decided to do the kindest thing, and give you to God.

You will be cremated and I took pictures of you and this letter will all be with you, here in my home. Someday you, me and all the others who have died, will be laid to rest, together. So they better plan on having extra pall bearers, to carry our weight!

I only knew you for a very short time but could not have loved you more!!!!

God speed, dear boy.

Love, the mom you never got to know

Bonnie Belle 2-18-10

Your name had been Belle, but I knew you probably did not even know it. Your name had been Belle, but I knew you probably did not even know it. So we wanted you to have a new start. Bonnie sounded close, and soon you were coming when called by it.

You were with me such a short time, about 2 weeks.

But we really bonded didn’t we?

You loved sleeping with me, but before you would settle down, you thought I needed a thousand kisses. I wish there were more of them now.

At first you were afraid to move on the bare floors. And when you did try, you only moved backwards. Like a baby learning to crawl. Of course it didn’t help that you had no toes on the back feet. (We were told they had been chewed off through the wire in your cage.)

I bought some new shoe things that looked like balloons, but were intended for traction when outdoors on ice, etc. But they worked great so you could go anywhere in the house you wanted!!! You then had a new found freedom. You followed me everywhere and soon liked riding in the car with me too.

We had your spay done, as soon as possible because you were in heat when you came here. And there was no problem. So why did you not make it through the knee surgery?

You were so crippled, myself and the vets were so excited to be able to give you a new and happy life where you could stand up straight and run.

It was not to be…………… I cried all day, at your loss. I loved you from the day they showed me your picture. I had no idea you were in such a crippled state, but it would not have changed a thing. I was glad to have you and had hoped to make your life so much better. After all, you had no life while at the puppy mill.

I have to tell myself that you are much better off now, in Heaven, where I know all of your problems are gone. But you left behind a mom who misses you so very much.

I know we will meet again someday. So until then, I envision you running with God, in a warm sunny place full of happiness.

Loving you always, Mom

Little Bo

Little Bo went to heaven and the peace and love he needed and never had. His is a sad story.

I picked up several others for the rescue in Bristow from a puppy mill. I had taken them to the vet up there for immediate care and I thought I was not going to go back there. Well I could not do that, I thought there might be one needy one, forgotten, unwanted one and yes there was. It was him……

A sad little man in a cage surrounded by poop, his tongue hanging out, and oh so sad. I asked and was told he was not wanted he was old, bad eyes, etc. I said I would take him and yes he was a mess from head to toe. Blind, no teeth, dirty, and so on. I rubbed his head all the way home and he just sat there like he was in heaven already. We got him home, bathed him, cut nails, and put him in a warm soft bed where he slept for hours before eating and beginning to explore. Which he did quite well and oh did he enjoy the yard. I held him and petted him most of the evening as I was pretty sure he was not going to be able to be saved……

A hard choice, but quality of life is important and his was not good except for the last night.

He went peaceful and is now wrapped in a fluffy blanket and buried in the yard with others, at Barb’s house.

I named him Little Bo as I felt he should go to heaven with a name and knowing he had been loved for a while at least.

He went peaceful and is now wrapped in a fluffy blanket and buried in the yard with others, at Barb’s house.

He is at peace. Again I will say how can people make money off these poor little guys and put them through so much misery. To do so without a care in the world and think it is a right thing to do. May they all rot in Hell someday!

Goodbye little guy and we will see you and the others when we get there ( I know you will know my voice and touch.)


Lightnbug 5-12-10

I miss you so much, its taken me some time before I could write this. You passed away right there in my bed. I did not even know you had gotten into the bed. I wanted to hug you and hold you but I thought dogs liked to go off to be alone at the end. You were having so much trouble breathing. I was so wrong …….you wanted to be with me, as you were every other night. You crept into my bed and when I found you were dying, all I could think about was getting you to the ER vet. I should have left you where you were lying, and given you some peace. But I wanted to save you!

You died in my arms, and I sat with you for a long time that night. The other dogs were just sitting there looking at me, as if they knew something really sad had happened.

I wrapped you in a blanket, where you would be safe until morning when I could take you to the vets office, so they could send you to be cremated….

The house was so different. How I used to get upset with your biting my ankles, now I long for you to nip at my heals!

You were always ‘On Guard’ when we went to bed, making sure no one was coming and going, up and down the doggy steps.

You hiked your leg all over the house and that never changed, from day one. Now I find myself still looking at the corners, checking for your pee spots!

You liked to bark at the dogs next door. You would bite at the wood on the fence and I was always afraid that someday you would get a bad splinter! Now I look at the fence and see the marks you left, but there is no little guy there, barking.

You were always so happy! I remember that for sure!

You had had such a hard life before. I was sure you would be with me for many more years……… I look back and am so glad I had your picture taken a couple of weeks earlier. You were such a cute boy.

I know it is just a matter of time until we will be together again. SO until then, chase the dogs, and bite the ankles, and pee on the clouds.

And know that I loved you so much. I regret not having more time to spend holding and loving on you. I hope you understood that I was busy because I was trying to save others like you……….

Warm Doggy kisses, mom

Teenie 6-4-2010

Today I made the decision, to let you go……… I did it because I love you so much……you came to me in such bad shape…..I really thought I could “make it all better” and you would go on to have a wonderful life. After all, you were only 8 years old!

After the first blood work we did, I knew it was a lot more serious than I thought. But I was confident you would be fine after being on meds!

Then came the second and third and fourth set of blood work and everything was off the charts, high or low.

It was just not getting better. You would have good days and then bad ones. I still held out hope. The vets thought you had bone marrow cancer, but we did not know for sure what was wrong.

But you would not eat, and would just lay so still for hours, I would go check to see if you were still alive.

I knew then, that you were loosing your fight and that you were probably in pain, and it was time to end that pain for you.

You deserved so much more, than what life gave you. I do not know your history except that some thoughtless person took you to the shelter and dropped you off because they were tired of you. And said you were too much trouble…….TROUBLE????? What trouble?

My God, you were sick, and you were crippled, and had skin issues, and were thin.

I loved you the moment I saw you. Your teenie tiny body, and those big eyes, and looking like you just needed love!

Teenie, I loved that you had me hand feed you, and that you slept with me, and tried so hard to follow me around the house even though you could barely walk on those back legs. I told the vet that I wished you would not try to follow me, cause I knew how much it must have hurt…. But he said you did it because you wanted to, and that it made you happy. So I let you do it. BECAUSE I wanted you to have happiness…..

You loved it when I held you and snuggled so close on my neck. I think that was when you were the happiest. My regret is that I did not have more time to do that for you.

I know I will see you again, and that has to be my comfort today, through all the pain and loss.

You will be remembered , as will all the others who have gone before you. It never gets easy losing the ones you love………but my job is to stay behind and try to save the others who will need me next.

So as much as I would like to go now, and leave this cruel world, I can’t. Please wait for me.


Kellie to heaven July 17, 2010

I am so sad today as it was the day you left us. I had hoped so much you could pull through. I am just sorry it took so long to have someone find out you were not eating for a very good reason. Thank you Nancy for noticing something was wrong………

I know Jonathan had fallen in love with you and the two of you would have had great time. It was way too early for you to go. We do not know why you were called “up,” but I am sure there is someone who needed my “Kell-Bell” to snuggle with.

You were a puppy mill dog. Barb had gotten her dogs and I was there to pick up two more. I did that and went away. Yet was drawn back not once but twice. You were there in a very small crate with mama (Rosa) pushed back in the unwanted pile of dogs. Mama was so big with puppies that you had hardly no room. I took mama and then got you out. 

You came out with almost no fear and just hugged my neck for dear life! We went to see Dr. Bill, for a vet check and they wanted to keep you. I left you there, only to go back and get you later after they changed their mind. So home you came, with me! You not once, looked back, Kel, you just forgot the bad and gave undeniable love to anyone who would take it…….

You were special in that way. You slept with me curled up by my side the first night you were here. Oh you had a few little quirks but they were easy to overlook. It was hard for me to let you go to another foster home after months here, but it was time. I sure wanted to bring you back home every Sat at outreach. I am glad you were adopted and went to a home, with wonderful people. It just breaks my heart that you did not get to enjoy what you had waited so long to have!

I know that you had love from the time I took you out of that cage, all cramped, and dirty and smelling. You have known love and if God needs you, he knows best ……just so sad you had to leave us so soon.

Your mom, Shannon

Hercules 8-25-10

It was sad day, August 5th, 2010 when I had to make the decision to send Hercules, (Herkie, as I called him,) to be with his Heavenly Father.

He had come to me just a couple of months previous, from a woman who hoarded dogs in the basement of her home, where she kept them in cages.

He was so weak, thin and sick, when I removed him from the transport vehicle. I knew he was going to be mine for as long as God allowed. You see, there were more dogs than we had room for in our rescue program. We had decided we would only take a couple of adoptable females. The others would go to another rescue group. They were full too. They told the transport, Amanda, that they would evaluate the dogs and would euthanize the ones that were not adoptable.

Hercules, was the first dog I laid eyes on and I knew he would not be saved. I could not bear the thought that he had found freedom, traveled 7 hours to get here, only to have a needle stuck in his leg.

So, no doubt about it, he was going home with me!!

The next couple of months were such a blessing to me. He was so loving, and as he began to feel better, he began to do such cute things.

He was such a tiny old man, less than three pounds. He was fawn, with a apple head. His head was so large, it was hard to imagine he could stay on all four feet. It looked like he would tip over at any time.

He was extremely loving. He held no grudges for the life he was forced to live. He loved everyone he saw.

He had many vet expenses, (since like all the dogs who came from what we named “ The dogs from OZ”) they had rotten and infected mouths. He was not neutered and had a very large hernia, (that had probably always been there.) But he was too old to do any surgery……… we were able to do his teeth, by using light gas.

I just want you all to know that this little dog had a good life after coming here. He went to work with me at Paws (a pet boutique), where he was the door greeter to all who came in. And he liked riding in the car. He ate good food, slept with me and received lots of love and thousands of kisses. I was not ready to let him go, but I know that dogs that have had such hard, and neglected lives, do not live long lives like well cared for dogs. So when he began going down, he went fast. I wanted to keep him but knew he was suffering and so I knew it was time. I was with him as we gave him the shot that sent him to Heaven. I envisioned his flying up and through the clouds. And by the time he got there, he was young and healthy and I believe God was waiting with open arms……..

Herkie, I miss you so much. I sang a song that came to my head the day you left. It is by Sarah McLaughin, called : I Will Remember You

And it says: I will remember you

Will you remember me?

Don’t let your life pass you by

Weep not for the memories………

I hummed that song for a week, I just could not get it out of my mind. I hope you were remembering me……..

Love, mom

Kyra 9-24-2010

Well another empty spot on my bed. This morning I lost my litte Kyra. I had her for such a short time and it was not at all expected. On July 25th Barb called about some puppy mill dogs we had no room at the inn so to speak and she was wondering maybe. I said yes of course (me and my puppy mill kids) Well Susie and Barb picked out several and I waited to get the call that they could be released. That was on the 26. I drove in to pick them up and came home with 5 . Oh what a mess, she was so nasty and stinky; it took 4 baths over two days and a whole car wash for the truck. So tiny and sweet, a quiet, shy little girl. Well everyone got K names thus Kyra. She had all her work done and came through everything just fine, no problems. She was just always quiet and snuggled down real close with her buddy Kasy. She would just settle down and all she wanted was to be held and cuddled. No uglyness ever. I think she was just happy to be clean and fed and loved. I would imagine she had at least 2 litters a year, she was tiny so big sellers to the public, we figured her to be about 6. What a life. It was 102 degrees the day they came into the shelter. I know she had a good last two months here with me she learned about grass and being free to run and play and lots of beds to choose from and food in a great big dish always there. She woke me up making strange sounds and we headed out to the vet where they said she had more than likely had a stroke but then went into full cardiac failure. She tried to hang on, twice they got her heart beat back but the last time that was it, no open eyes just a small beating heart. I wish those that put these guys through such hell knew how hard it was to say no let her go and to see myself, 2 vet techs and a vet crying at such a loss. I don't know why God needed her but he did. I know he knows best. So my little Kyra. you just go on and find that fluffy cloud and wait with the others for me. You were loved very much and will be missed just as much if not more.

Love you mom


Sparkle 9-24-2010

I don't know why no one came to claim you at the shelter. Was it because you were all black including your eyes ? Or your long legs? Maybe you had to much play and spitfire in you...I loved all those things about you! From the moment I picked you and got you into the car you were the happiest little girl, ready to play, kiss, eat, have four legged and two legged friends. Barb picked your name without even seeing you and it was the perfect fit because you had a Sparkle in your eyes. Bony with your spine and hip bones clearly showing and no hair on top of your head; I was so happy when the vet told me you had gained three ounces, I couldn't stand waiting for you to gain more because I was really looking forward to seeing you plump and healthy. But it wasn't to be - you started going away from me later that afternoon. And after you had gone three days later I was so sad about your short little life. I am only at peace knowing I will never ever have to think how you are doing and if you are happy. Your sparkle is back and you're healthy and playing...I'll see you when I get there.

Love to you sweetie,

Your foster mommy, Connie

Belva 11-2-10

We lost you today, and although it was so hard to do, I wanted you to be healthy and happy, and sending you to heaven was the only way to do that. Dr. Henderson told me that you were in severe pain, your heart was barely pumping, and you had so much going on, that it would only be a short time before you would pass. I knew he was the one who knew what was best to do, and so I held you as he injected the medicine into your vein. You did not die quickly as most of the dogs do, since your heart was not circulating the meds, and so as I kissed your face and whispered in your ear, you looked up and kissed the tears from my face. No other dog had ever done that, and it made it ever so much harder. I am crying, just thinking about it, as I am writing this.

I never got to know you. you came to me from a dog loving man who found you on the street in Midwest City. He had no idea you were in such bad condition. He brought you to me so I could take care of you and then when you were well, I would find you a home with a warm bed and good food and someone to love you for whatever time you had left. It was very hard for him to let you go, he had come to love you too, while you were at his home those few days. I always tell people that I love dogs and have no use for most people. This is a perfect example of why I feel that way.

You had never had proper care, and I will never believe that you ran away. You were too weak to go anywhere. They dumped you like yesterday's garbage!

Little old girl, I hope I will see you again one day, so please watch for me. I never even got a picture of you but I know we will recognize each other!

If it was not for all those who still need me here, I would have liked to go with you....

Love, mom

Cola 12-01-10

It is 2 A.M. as I sit down to write this. Cola just passed away at 1 A.M. and I will bury her in the morning beside the others I have lost. Hers is another sad story. She is one of “THE LONG WAY HOME DOGS.”

Barb called me to say we would be getting some puppy mill dogs ( their story is on the web site.)

Well, November 20th they arrived here in Stroud, it was 10 P.M. and they had been the first loaded on that morning

about 9 and had been stacked on top of and all around as the stock trailer was full. They were terrorized by two larger dogs in the cage in front of them. It was cold and they were in shock. We were to get 5 dogs but I ended up taking two others whose crime in life was that they were shy and scared so they were going to spend the night in the trailer and then be euthanized in the morning.

I got all of these guys in the truck and home we came. I had fixed a bed in the spare room for them with food and water. They were so glad to be in a warm space. There were two small black females. Cola was the friendliest from the start. She would wiggle and wag her tail and play chase with my hand. She was so happy. She was coming along so well. On the following Monday she went with the others for their first vet visit. Again she was a happy little girl just wanting to know what the world and we people had to offer her other than a “puppy mill life”.

We had a good week learning that grass was OK. And having the freedom to run around and play.

On the 29th she went in for her spay. When I picked her up, Dr. Chris was concerned about her since she had had a rough surgery. Seems she had had several C-sections and there was much scar tissue and it had attached to her organs. That had to be cut and removed.

She came home and laid down and slept and seemed to be doing ok. By later in the evening she was in pain and having given her the meds, I just sat and held her wrapped in a blanket, for hours.

She finally felt better so I put back in bed with Bizzy and she slept. This morning she ate and drank and pottied and was wagging her tail. However, when we were getting ready for bed she seemed again, not to feel well. So I gave her the meds and wrapped her up and rocked her again. My little Cola Bear went so fast she just seemed to jerk a bit and then closed her eyes. I held her until I started this letter just hoping she would wake up. That is silly I know. She is wrapped in her blanket and in her bed. In the morning I will bury her.

How I hate those damn puppy mill people who do this with no regard to what happens to the dogs! This lady had 150 various dogs and gave them up so she would not have her face shown on the news. A lot of her dogs that she gave up so willingly, to save face, did not make it to rescues and were put down as unwanted and undesirable by the people she released them to!

It is just not right , that there are so many dogs in shelters and rescues and they just keep breeding more! Here in Okla. and Missouri they are dumping the dogs due to the “Puppy Mill” legislation that was passed recently. But it is too late for Cola. She is now across the bridge where she will always be warm , healthy, and happy. I hope she will remember me and wait with the others.

Rest in Peace Little Cola Bear.

Your foster mom, Shannon

Miss Kitty

Flew to heaven today 1-11-11

On Jan. 10th, I received a call from a woman named Kim, who lived in Del City and had a dog left on her porch, the night before. She found a basket with blankets in it, when she got home from work. But the dog had gotten out and was in her front yard. She did not know how long the dog had been there since she had been gone to work all day.

The dog’s head was swollen, one eye bulging out and the other one swollen closed. She would not eat or drink. Kim had big dogs and could not keep her and had no money to take her to the vet. So she brought the dog into the warm house and gave her pain meds. The next morning she called me and asked for my help. I told her to take the dog to Britton Road vet clinic. Kim’s fiancé did, and I went there soon afterwards to meet this sad dog.

The vet office had checked her for a microchip and found that she was registered to a family. They tried to call the owners but the phone was dis-connected.

Dr. Henderson did an exam and started her on IV fluids and pain meds. We thought she had been hit by a car. He told me that we would know by the next morning if she would “make it”. She was in very bad shape, in shock. She was certainly going to loose the bulging eye. She had bleeding in her brain, and it was full of pressure.

We found out her name from the microchip. She was Miss Kitty………….

This morning, I went to the vets office at nine o’clock, full of hope and wanting to hold her and tell her that she was safe now…Instead, they told me that she had passed away.

Miss Kitty, I wish I could have held you, but I never even got to kiss you or touch you. You were so frail and in so much pain. I knew that you were in wonderful hands, and that if you could be saved, Dr. Henderson would do it. I know he did all he could, but instead, you flew to Heaven, and I never even got to say goodbye.

I can imagine you playing and happy. I wish you could have told me what had happened to you. I am not sure I believe you were hit by a car. But think it was more like you were beaten, or kicked, etc. Because there were no skinned spots like you would expect from a car hitting you.

And who placed you on Kim’s porch and wrapped you in blankets in the basket?

(I never got a picture of you, but will always remember how you looked. Perhaps it is better that I have no picture, it would sadden those who looked at it and make them cry……)

Please say a prayer for me, sweet girl. I have such a hard time, staying behind when one of you leave. I am faced with all the horrible people who mistreat you………….and look forward to the day when we all meet and never have pain again.

As with so many others, she will be buried in my backyard.

Butter 1-20-11

Today was an extremely hard day for me, since it was time to let you go...

I have thought about it for weeks but could not make myself take you to the vet. Even though I knew you were going downhill fast. When we last did blood work on you, the kidneys were beginning to fail. you were pacing around the house of late. You would go from one room to the next and back again, back and forth, making trip after trip. You would no longer come for mealtime. And when you did, you could not remember where your bowl was, even though you had eater in the same place since you came here several years ago.

In the night I would awaken to you pacing, and would pick you up and lay you in a dog bed, but before I could get back in bed, you would be on the go again! Or you would sleep for long periods o ftime. It was like a person who was bi-polar....

You came to me from the streets of Chandler where you had been picked up by an animal loving girl. She could not afford to keep you since her family had too many animals already. But when she called me, I was more than willing to take you. it was so evident hat you had been neglected and over bred... You never did like to be cuddled or held for long. I guess you had never had that and were too old to change your ways by the time I got you. So I just let you be yourself and you flourished!

Well old girl, it was time to turn you over to our Creator, who will make you young again and give you the peace you could not find here on earth! You went quickly and I was thankful for that. You will be buried in the back yard with all the others who, like you, have left this cruel, wicked world for HEAVEN.

See you again someday, you will be missed.....

Love mom


It was so hard to say goodbye, even though I knew this day would come, from the day you came to live with me, back in August.

The moment I saw you and how beautiful you were, I loved you as if you we had been together for all of your life!

You were older and had issues with aggressiveness. I thought meds could help you. You helped Pee Wee make the transition and for that I will always be grateful. But your aggression was getting worse and worse. I took you to the vets to see what we could do for you, but they said you had dementia and you were not going to get better.

I had to make the decision that I had promised your previous family that I would do. I could only be there to hold you in those last few minutes before you went to Heaven where all things are good!

I know you had a great life, with your family in Texas, and it was hard for me to tell them that I had put you to sleep. Especially since they emailed every week since you came here, to ask how you were doing…….

They loved and cared so much…….. But they felt their baby was in possible danger from you and therefore, you had to go to another home………….

Rest well, and be at peace sweet Sophie girl.

Love, your foster mom

Mackey Mac

I am gonna tell you a story about a little dog. Mackey was his name. He came to Barb almost 2 years ago. He has spent the last year and half with me since Aug. 1 2009. I had met him on various occasions at Barb's. A funny little guy who wobbled and could not get up when he fell down and he barked a lot. He would cry out with fear when you moved your hand or foot or anything for that matter towards him. You see he had been abused something terrible. I guess we will never know his real story. He was not the dog that they described to Barb but she took him anyway and thus he became one of ours. He came to me as I said in Aug 09. Barb called and had taken another guy Petie (who is on this site also) they were being boarded as there was no room at the inn so to speak. I said yes I would take Petie and since Mackey was there, I just went ahead and brought him home too. We changed his med's and he became so much better, never completely right but he could get up when he fell or was knocked over and he could run with the big dogs so to speak, a tad slower but just as mean and tough. (The big dogs being of course the other Chihuahuas.) Everyone was a bit faster and they would bowl him over on occasion as they made the return trip but up and off he would go. He used to love to go to adoptions (now mind you he would run from the truck to the doors and down the aisles as fast as he could go. All of this was not to be adopted, but to find Barb I believe.) I think he had a good life here. He slept every night on the pillow by Nettie, both by my head. His good days, however, were getting less. We had several scares and close calls but he would come back and I would say "ok old man lets keep going then". He had dementia and that was getting way bad and his other health issues were also beginning to take a toll. He would run out to bark with the other guys only to get lost in the middle of the yard. He still barked at the burglars just in a small circle until one of the other dogs would come and get him. Well, today Mackey went to heaven. I know he is up there with all the others waiting for me and the rest of the gang down here. A young healthy fellow as furious as they come, chasing any bad guys who may make it up there. He has claimed his cloud and has made sure that all the others know it is his. I am so glad that I was able to have this crazy little guy, my weeble's wobble but they don't fall down dog, in my life. I am blessed that God has allowed me to be a part of rescuing and saving these little guys in whatever small way I can, even if it is to give them a place to spend there last days knowing they are so loved. So Mackey Mac, my funny little man, you now lay with the others who have gone before you and tonight Nettie and I will miss you for sure but will know you are in a better place and are having a great time so enjoy my little old man.

Your mom Shannon


You left us yesterday. I was not there to hold you or say goodbye, but I know you had loving arms around you. Shannon has been such a good mom to you. We had spoke of this time, and hoped it would be a long time from now, but you were not doing well and we promised we would let you go if you began to have more bad days than good ones. You were having a hard time getting around and were getting lost in the yard.

We look back and hope that you had a good and happy life with us.

I wish I could find the people who mistreated you so badly, and tell them that you were gone, to see if they had any remorse for what they had done. But as I write this, my mind tells me NO they would not even care. They most likely have never even given you a second thought. Who knows, they may be doing the same thing to some other unfortunate dog.

I can not let myself worry about what I can not change, but in Mackey’s memory I can promise to help as many other dogs like Mackey as is possible.

We love you and miss you.

Love, your first mom, Barb

Lily 3-25-11

Today was just another normal day, until I got the call this morning from the woman in Midwest City who had a dog who was having shaking problems. She had taken her to the vet for an ear infection. Shortly afterwards she had begun to tremble, and took her back to the vet. He diagnosed her with a neurological problem. The dog was given morphine and sent home. She told me the shaking had only gotten worse.

I told her I did not know what it might be but she needed to take her to another vet and get a second opinion. She was telling me how she had no money and was moving.

I told her to bring the dog to my vet, Dr. Henderson, because he would be the one who could figure out the problem.

They did take Lily to Dr. Henderson. But there was nothing to be done. He agreed that she had a neurological problem. He could only guess what might have caused it. Maybe she had been dropped, or gotten into some type of poison, etc. But it was so much worse than the shaking of a person with 

Parkinson’s disease, etc. He told me she was in pain, could not stand or eat, or any normal functions.

At his suggestion, I made the decision to euthanize her.

I wanted to hold her but I was not able to, since the shaking was so bad, they were having to give the shot intramuscular.

Lily, I would have done anything to save your life! You were just a baby……….

I appreciate that the owners wanted to give you to me, so you could get vet care. But then I get angry because WHY? do people have dogs if they have not got the money to provide for their care?

Lily, there are so many dogs like you that come in and touch my life. I buried you today, and you will have a memorial stone so you will never be forgotten. You will lay in peace with those others who did not made it. We know those are just the worldly bodies, and that you are in Heaven, returned to your Creator.

I imagine you laying on a cloud surrounded by angels, rubbing your tummy. It is bright and warm there.

Rest well, sweet little girl.


Old Man 4-27-11

He came to me, with a swollen and abscessed jaw and face. I got it healed up. And he was thin, because he had been unable to eat. He quickly became filled out and seemed happy since I had put him on meds for pain in his back.

He seemed to thrive! He loved my attention and demanded that I hold him while working at the computer! He slept with me, always on my right side.

Months went by and he began losing weight and was not eating again. I had been told that he had no teeth. So I could not imagine what was wrong. I took him to Dr. Henderson because he is the man who will get to the root of the problem. And guess what? He had 4 teeth and they were infected. So we did blood work. And we put him on antibiotics for his mouth infection. Soon he was able to have those teeth removed.

Dr. Henderson told me that he had bitten his tongue and they had to put stitches in it.Now it was really making sense as to why he was not eating.

I brought him home and tried to feed him anything he would be willing to eat, but he would not! He was losing more weight, and he was not moving around the house or going outdoors like he had been doing.Then I noticed that he had a seizure. Then two, and the next day two more. That's what had happened to his tongue!

I could not sit by and watch him starve himself. I could not let him suffer. So I took him to the vet and helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven, where he is young and in perfect health and running and jumping from cloud to cloud.

You are missed old guy. But so much better off!

I will see you again someday. Love, our mom

Wylie Coyote 7-31-11

Wylie crossed the bridge today. He had escaped the yard and this time did not make it back home. He was a sweet little guy with wandering feet and had been through a lot lost in the snow last year and had finally found his home or so we thought. He is now buried in Barbs back yard with the ones who have gone before him and will be waiting at the bridge with them to welcome all who come after him.

Wylie, you came to me so cold, and with frostbite, from the record cold temps. last winter.

You were one of the most playful and fun loving dogs we have ever had come thru the rescue. You were a mix, and so you liked to dig, and chew things up! Even though I got so perturbed with you at times, I enjoyed your spirit!

I thought we had found your perfect home. But how wrong I was. Now I blame myself for your being hit by 

the car. They did not care enough to go looking for you when you got loose from their yard. And what were you doing alone out there in the triple digit weather? Then when they found your body, they called me to ask “what do we do with Wylie”. I told them to bury you in the yard, but they did not want to do it. So I went over and picked up your little blood covered body and brought you to where your real home had been, and buried you with the others.

Wylie, you were indeed, a travelin man, wanting to run and sniff and explore. Believing that you would have some fun and then go back home.

Now you have all the room to run, that you could ever dream of. And you are indeed, ‘safe at home!’

I miss you young man, love mom

Wilson 11-4-11

November 4, 2011

Today you were returned to us by your moms daughter, Sue. She called to say your mom, Mary, had broken her hip and could no longer care for you, although it was our understanding that Sue was going to take you, should your mom, Mary have failing health.

Well, I guess she did not want you because your had Diabetes, and they told me about it. BUT they never took you to the vet so you had suffered…..

You were in such bad condition, the vet told us it would take 3-4 days on an IV to get the sugar regulated. Then I would need to give you insulin every 12 hours and watch for drug reaction. I would need to feed you several times a day and watch for low blood sugar, etc. The normal life expectancy would be about 1 year. You would most likely not be adoptable. Your little body was so bloated and tight, you looked like a balloon about to pop! I had to make the decision to send you to God, where I knew you would be happy and healthy, young and active! I held you as you left this world, and cussed the family who I had entrusted you to. I feel guilty that I did not do a better job at placing you with a family who would have cared enough to get you to a vet for treatment at an earlier date. But ultimately, you were the one who paid the price for their lack of care.

I love you sweet boy, and I take solace that you did have a good life and family for the majority of your life! I will see you again someday if you are waiting there for a familiar face. But perhaps you will find your first mom, and be re-united with her.

We love you sweet little old boy, your foster mom, Barb

Zoie, Harley's big sister

This beautiful girl's name is Zoie. Although she didn't come from our rescue, her family did adopt Harley, formerly Toltec, from Because of you.

Zoie and her family kept us all up to date on Harley's new life with her own Facebook page, and although I never got to meet her, I believe she was a wonderful big sister to Harley, their siblings, and the dogs that they foster.

Zoie's mom recently wrote this about her: "I believe dog rescue was important to Zoie. Whenever we brought home a dog (to keep or to foster), Zoie was so kind to them. She understood when they were sad or scared, she was so good at sharing her toys, her bed and even Dan and I with them, she never acted jealous, she just tried to be a good sister... with compassion."

Although I never met her, I will miss this special girl!

(Harley, Zoie's brother from Because of You)


Died 12-01-11

This little girl, a Shih Tzu who was only about a year or two old, died after having a surgery she should not have had!I saw her sitting at the shelter, she was heavy with milk, but had been picked up as a stray but no puppies!

She was quiet and it was as if she was grieving for them.

She had to sit there for 4 days, hoping her owners would come get her. I mean, she had been groomed, and was healthy looking. They never came. I was sure she was in pain, as there were no puppies to nurse.

I went daily to visit her. I requested the vet look at her as I was sure she was ill.

I told them that she was listless, and wobbly, but no one cared to take her and do an exam. All I could do was express at how I was sure it was “just another dog” to them……….

On the day she was released, my friend Crystal went to pick her up. I told Crystal we needed to take her to the emergency vet to have blood work done and get her started on antibiotics. But she thought it could wait until the next morning when we both had dogs going to a vet in Chandler.

I arrived first. Then Crystal came in and told the vet to examine the little dog we were calling Ginger.

Crystal had noticed she was passing bright red blood from her vulva. And she was very weak!

We left. Later when we came back to pick up our dogs, the little Shih Tzu was sleeping in the cage. The vet had not done an exam, not done blood work, but had spayed her! The vet said she had had puppies with in the last three weeks.

She would not wake up, so Crystal stayed with her and I left to take my dogs home.

After an additional 1 ½ hours ,Crystal loaded her up to bring her home, and shortly after arriving back in Edmond, the dog died!



I am so sorry Ginger that you never had the chance to know how wonderful life could be. I wrote the vet a letter and told her what my feelings were and that I would never be back. I am sure she does not care, but it gave me closure.

Now I weep because it was such a waste! This was a young dog with her whole life ahead of her, in a loving home where she would have been the princess instead of a breeding machine……..

Cross the rainbow bridge, and I will see you again…………


Grandma Doxie 12-13-11

Passed away 12-13-11

This beautiful Doxie girl, was a permanent resident at our vets office. She was an old girl, who had come to them in very bad condition, and the rescue who brought her in, wanted her euthanized. Our vet told them that she could just live with him. He did all her vet work, and she began to fell so much better. Her hair came in, and she got down right bossy!!!!

She would bark and talk to you when she wanted something!!!

She slept most of the time, and I loved to talk to her when I was in the office. I offered to take her home on the

weekend, when the office was closed. I brought her home and she was no trouble at all. She liked to eat, (we fed her 3 times a day), and sleep with me. She liked to go outside. She had a bed she adopted as her own, and would lay there and watch me during the day.

Yesterday I received a call from Dr. Chris saying she had passed away during the afternoon. I wish I could have taken her to my house and let her live the rest of her days. Because she was so active, I never would have guessed she would be gone so soon. But with all my other foster dogs and busy schedule, I found it impossible to give her the care she required……..

I know that now she is in Heaven, a young dog, and jumping from cloud to cloud. Maybe even digging holes in them, since I know Dachshunds liked to dig………

She will be missed,

Love, your newest friend, Barb

Juan 2-12-2012

Dear Juan,

Little boy, had we known about you earlier, we might could have saved you, but you were just too ill by the time you arrived today. I know the last few days have been hard for you, wanting to eat, and not being able to, since your poor little mouth was causing you such pain. I haven't seen one that bad in quite some time. The abscesses must have been so painful.

You were so thin, it was as Keri said, “your body was feeding off of itself; all of your muscle and fat was long gone". You were drinking but since your kidneys were shut down, and your heart so weak, you were still dehydrated! You could never have undergone any anesthesia. Connie was there with you today, to watch over you, and give you love and comfort as you left the world that had never shown you love or kindness before. It has taken years for you to get this bad, it didn't just happen.

As you crossed the rainbow bridge, you are became whole again, and are now with God, in doggy Heaven. I know you are happy playing chase through the clouds, and hopefully we will meet at the gate...someday.

Kisses from the one who never got to hold you, but loved and cried for you anyway.



Bitsy Princess

Passed away on 2-16-12

We only got this little old lady a few weeks ago. She was in terrible shape then. But we got her up and going, a healthy happy girl. She was spayed and had her teeth cleaned, and nails cut, and was putting on weight!

But during all of that, we forgot to do a heartworm test. And when we did, we found she was a very ill dog. She most likely had heartworms for years. We wanted to get the treatment done so she could find a loving forever home for the time she had left.

She did not make it………

I can only take comfort in the fact that she had a happy life the last few weeks, not being in a cage, feeling good and being able to eat without pain. Being clean and being brushed. and sleeping with me each night!

And going with me in the car most every day. She really loved our daily trips to get cheeseburgers!! She also got so much attention at the one adoption outreach she went to, I was so sure she would find that perfect home!

I will miss you running through the house barking at every little thing, and bullying the other dogs as if to say, I am the Princess and you are my subjects!! LOL

And this is my mom!!!

Now you will forever be happy and playful and the Princess.

I know someday we will meet again, so be watching for me!

Love, your mom


She was brought into the OKC animal shelter by a woman who had found her wandering in a parking lot at a apartment complex. She tried to find the owner, and why she turned her in to the shelter, I do not know. How could you have this little 2.3 pound dog for three weeks and not want to keep her forever?

Well, anyway the shelter asked me to take her. I went to get her only to find that she was blind, and they did not tell me that part! But I could not leave her there to be euthanized, so home we came!

She was no trouble at all. She was old and slept a lot of the time. She liked to sit in the grass to enjoy the warm sun.

She was rescued by Sandra as a permanent foster or sanctuary dog, who helped her live out the rest of her life in a wonderful, warm, and loving home. She will be missed. 


Several years ago I was lucky enough to adopt two beautiful chihuahuas from Barbara. When I called to adopt Diego, Barbara asked if I would consider being a foster parent for another "special needs' chihuahua named Hope. Hope and Diego came home with me and settled in like they owned the place. Within 24 hours I decided to formally adopt Hope as well. Hope was crippled and had a sad history like many do unfortunately. It is with a sad heart that I had to say goodbye to her today. Her crippled legs simply wouldnt work enough anymore to get her around. I know that her last years were happy and pampered and I want to thank Barbara and Because of You Chihuahua Rescue for trusting me wtih the care of Ms Hope. She brought me so much joy.

Peanut 6-13-2012

Dear little Peanut,

I received a call from your adoptive mom yesterday that you had passed away that morning, 06-13-12. She said you were in her arms, wrapped in a favorite blanket……

She had told me not long ago that you were not doing well. So I knew it was coming……..

I remember the day we brought you here from the Texas shelter. You were weak, and thin and I prayed you would hold on until we could get home and get you to a vet.

You made it, and grew stronger, you had a lot of spunk about you! You were so sweet and loving and it was so 

obvious that you had had a cruel life. You had been a breeder dog all of your life until you grew too old to breed, and then they did not need you anymore.

You had scars from scrapes with other dogs, you had a broken nose from some thing, a long time ago. You were crippled, and had skin issues, just to name a few. You had no teeth and no lower jaw since you had no dental care and bad nutrition all those years.

But you celebrated your new life! You liked to “go” in the car, you showed the other dogs that even though you had no lower jaw or teeth, you were still the “top dog”, and they believed you! LOL

You liked to eat, and you slept a lot of the time. You really liked going outside and barking at the neighbors’ dogs.

I loved you so much, but then everyone else did, too. I wanted you to go to a home where you would get more attention, and Lynn offered that for you. She took such good care of you and you became her special boy. She was so proud of everything you did. She was like a bragging mom!!!!

I know I miss you so much, but I know she’s missing you just as much!

I know I loved you, and know she did too.

You made such a difference in all of the lives you touched, and hopefully you changed the way some people looked at pets, and the care they need, etc.

I know you are young again and I hope you will recognize me when I get to the bridge, because I may not recognize you since I never saw you as a young man. Please watch for me, sweet boy.

Love, your first mom

This picture is from Wednesday when Peanut passed away. My Jenny climbed up in Peanut's bed and wrapped herself around him. The picture speaks for itself. Although when I took Peanut I knew he was old and did not have too much

time left, I never dreamed it would be almost two years. He came to me frail, both in body and mind. I would hold him at night as we watched TV. He would push against me as if to mesh with another living thing, maybe trying to understand why he was once again in another environment. It did not take long for him to learn he only needed to

ask and I would take him outside, bring him food, warm his blanket or just hold him. His fear of other dogs faded as he learned my dogs were just lazy slug bugs and did not move fast and were of no threat to him. He marveled at the cats who towered over him and I am sure he never figured out who they were. We settled into a nice routine and life went on. Peanut went to adoptions with me. So funny was the attention he drew and boy did he put on a show barking and carrying on to the crowds. He also went to a local nursing home to visit the residents. I do not know who enjoyed the visits more, the residents or Peanut. I have hundreds of memories that I would not have otherwise if not for you. I thank you for that. Peanut you are gone and I miss you a lot. I hope they have fast food in Heaven because you sure liked Arby's and McDonalds. You hurt no more, you can run like the wind. Your fractured nose is straight, all of your bad memories have faded. You are happy, healthy and truly in the best place to be.

Betty Boop 10-17-12

Betty Boop came to us from Guthrie. She originally belonged to a breeder, who because of illness, moved from her home. But left the dogs outside in the yard. The 12 of them lived outside throughout the summer and the heat, with someone coming to throw food out to him and water them. They were covered with ticks, and several had Erlichea (tick disease). Many of them were killed by wild things.

The woman finally passed away and they were given to a friend. That woman called us and we went to get the dogs that were left!

The first trip we made, we took 6. Then a week later we went back and picked up Betty Boop.

She went to her foster home where she received all the love and kindness she wanted! She was free in the house, had a large backyard to play in, quality food, and vet care.

All was good with the world. Until she went to be spayed and have her teeth cleaned. Shortly after her surgery, she woke, but then quickly passed away. They tried to revive her but she was gone so fast!

Cindy, her foster mom and I rushed to the vet clinic to say our goodbyes. We wondered between us, “why?”

What could God possibly need with her in Heaven? We were not ready to let her go. We wanted her to go live her life, as a “dog”, with all the good times life could offer!! To be someone’s Princess!!!

So, Betty, we are so happy that you had even a short time to be with us and treated as you should have always been. Your life ended all too soon.

I know that you are in Heaven, healthy and young. I imagine you chasing balls through the clouds, pulling on Angels wings, and sleeping in God’s arms.

Sleep well little girl, we are missing you so much! Love Barb and Cindy

I want to add that I believe that when God closes one door, he opens another. When I got the call that you had passed, I was taking another dog that was a stray. She is only 4-5 months old, and needed our help. So I gave her part of your name, she is now Ava Boop. I took your sparkly collar and put on her. So though we lost you, she will have the life you did not get …………..

Juan Carlos 2-7-13

Juan, I am so sorry that I made the decision to send you to be with God. You seemed not have any quality of life. You laid in your bed, and only got up to potty, which was in your bed, and then up the pee and eat the poop. I would try to get you to go outside, but it seemed to scare you. You even ate in your bed. And with so many dogs here to care for, I had such little time for you.

You had a life of not knowing your name or being able to play with the other dogs. You could not even get around the house, or find water on you own, etc. I know that now you can see and hear all the wonderful sounds of Heaven. Things like wind, that is not scary anymore and the Angels singing. You can see the ball and play catch with God. You will not be thirsty or have to drag that heavy chain around like you were when I first got you.

I will be waiting to see you again when I come across the bridge into Heaven, and what a glorius day it will be! I hope you will know it is me!!!

Love and doggy kisses,

Mama Barb

Sugar Plum 2-14-13

My dearest Sugar Plum, today is suppose to be a day of love. I love you so much, but today I lost you to Heaven above. I knew you were dying, and prayed to God a few nights ago, to give you more time with me. I was not ready to give you up, and I believe he heard my prayers and answered them. You made it through the night. And to my surprise, you had a couple of pretty good days, and then last night you woke me with your low whimpering and I knew it was time to say goodbye. So this time I prayed that God would take you and end your pain. We made it thru the night, but this morning when you would not drink, and could not stand to potty, I knew the end was close.

I had you only 2 ½ months, and I wanted you to know what love felt like. I wanted you to feel as good as was possible with all the twists and the crippled body, that you had lived with all of your life. It was not a good life, and the vets were amazed at how bad your little body was! But with meds and quality food and supplements, you had put on some weight. Your hair filled in and the itching stopped. We cleaned your teeth so your mouth did not hurt. You could walk better, and seemed to enjoy your new found freedom outside a cage!

You loved riding in the car, and our stops at McDonalds for “doggy lunch”. You slept with me and were such a quiet little thing. You followed me around the house and loved going out into the front yard to explore.

I don’t think anyone had ever held you or kissed you and at first it made you uncomfortable, but you grew to like both. And I liked doing it.

Just a week ago we had your picture made, and I am so glad we did, because I want your picture on the wall so I can look at it and remember what a wonderful girl you were.

I can only envision Heaven, but in my mind I see you a young healthy girl, playing with a gold ball and running (like you never could here on earth,) through the billowy clouds. I do not know if I will recognize you when I get to the “bridge” so please watch for me.

I must stay here a while longer and help others like you to find a bit of happiness, before I come to be with you and the others who have gone on ahead. What a reunion it will be!!!!

Until then, I will try to make you proud of me, by saving others like you!

Love and kisses, mama Barb

Mei Ling, 6-21-13

My dearest Mei Ling, you passed away on June 21st. 2013

I found you almost gone to this world, and tried to get you to the vet but you passed away in my arms before we could get you there. I love you so much and was hoping for many more years with you. Especially since you had such a bad life before, you deserved to know humans could be good and life was not all about pain........

You never seemed to know your name or acknowledge that you heard me when I spoke to you, so I don't know if you were deaf (at times it seemed you could hear) or you had never been spoken to so you did not understand.......

It was such a hot day, and I usually wrap the dogs in a nice blanket when they pass away, but for you, I put you in a pink pillow case. You really looked so nice in red, with your black and white hair. But I felt you would not mind pink, and it would be cooler. After I dug your grave, and laid you in it, I covered your little body 

with roses from the two bushes in the backyard. Then I prayed that God would welcome you into Heaven, make you whole again, and Angels would play with you. I know someday we will meet up again, so until then, you are buried outside my bedroom window, with a beautiful marker of red glass and a cross. I hung your collar on it.

The pain you endured on earth is over and freedom has come.

I love you more than you can ever know, and miss you so much.

Love, mama Barb

Tooty, July 27, 2013

Tooty, you passed away on July 27, 2013.

We had been to the emergency hospital just hours earlier. I was worried when I left that morning, because you did not want to eat your breakfast. You were laying in the sun, when I left to go to the hospital to see Alan. When I returned, you were laying on the patio, on your side, and when another one of the dogs walked close by, and you did not growl, I knew something was wrong.

You had just been with me since the 18th. Your owner had given you and your companion, Bunny, to me because she thought you were not happy at her home.

Bunny had been having seizures, but you seemed to be doing well.

I knew you were older, 12 years young. And had a level 5 heart murmer, but thought you would be the one who adjusted to the new place.

I was so wrong, I do not know if it was grief or your heart just gave out, but I will love and miss you forever.

I really thought you would live, when we came home from the ER vet. But you died quietly in your bed during the night. I know you are in a better place, young and well. But for those of us who can not join you yet, it is a lonely place, without you!

I buried you in the back yard, under the Willow “ memory” tree, with the others who I was not able to save. I go daily, to sit on the bench in the shade and listen to the wind chimes, and remember all of you. I have comfort knowing you have no more pain...............

Love, mama Barb

Once, May 27, 2015

We named him Once which is spanish for the number 11. That's what was tatooed in his ears! so we know he belonged to a breeder operation. Then he found a home in the tulsa area, and I guess they no longer wanted him, so they set him out by the street in a crate, with a sign "adopt a chihuahua". He had no food or 

water or shade! a animal lover picked him up!

He was such a loving boy, happy and wagging his tail! He did have a couple of special needs. first of alll, he was on heart meds and lasik daily and he could 't see very well. He had trama to one eye and was blind. The other eye had a cataract.... And lastly, he had sat in his own feces for so long and probably had fleas, so he chewed on himself until he has what is referred to a "elephant skin" on his bottom.

But with all that, I still saw beauty in this little boy, and I loved him!!!

Momma Barb.

Manny, Sept 28, 2013

My little Manny.

You left this earth on Sept. 28, 2013. You were not here with me for long. We got you from a rescue in Tulsa area. Then you lived with Connie until the rescue closed and you came here to join our group of old guys. You were one of the sweetest ones. You made me smile, just looking at your funny little body. You had a neck that was fused, and a hump in your back, so you carried your head down. Then you had the long legs, so you looked like a raccon.

It was cute, but sad that you had gotten into such bad condition, obviously the hard life you had led.

Of course we will never know what your history was, we were just glad to be able to give you lots of love in your later life.

You liked to follow me around the house and were quite the talker. You demanded to sleep with me or you would have barked at me all night from the edge of the bed.

Who could say no to anything you wanted, with those sad looking tiny eyes. HA

It was just a few weeks ago when I noticed you had a loose canine tooth. I took you to the vet, and told him we had better do bloodwork and xrays before putting you under for the dental procedure. It was then that we found you had more than just an level 5 mummer. You had a large tumor pressing against your windpipe. Dr. Chris called me to say you would not be with us much longer. He took the tooth out using novacane because to put you under with anthestic would have surely killed you.

You have always had a problem breathing but it had gotten so much worse, lately. And for several nights you cried and I knew it was time. Because I did not want you to suffer any more pain.

I know you have gone to Heaven, and I know about the Rainbow Bridge, and I hope we will meet up again someday, but it could not come soon enough. I am left here to deal with the wickedness of the human could anyone hurt one of the creatures that God made?

Manny, I loved you so much, and I will have your picture on the wall with the others who I have loved and lost. I will look at it often and remember. Will you remember me?

Love to you forever, my little guy. Mama Barb

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